Fortnite: Cloud9 Signs Avery As “First North American Player”

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Fortnite: Cloud9 Signs Avery As “First North American Player”

Avery signs with Cloud9.

Cloud9 was one of the first premier esports organizations to join Fortnite back in 2018. They began their endeavor with veteran Halo player Jacob “Hysteria” Reiser. Since then, Cloud9’s roster has changed significantly throughout the last three years. Before the Fortnite World Cup, C9 acquired top South American qualifiers snow, pfzin, Nicks, drakonZ and BlackoutZ. Three of those five have left the roster, leaving drakonZ and BlackoutZ as the only two remaining Fortnite players for Cloud9. That was the case until today. The Los Angeles-based organization announced the signing of Canadian Fortnite player Avery to their roster.

C9 Avery is Official

Cloud9’s newest Fortnite member reveal came through via Twitter earlier this morning in a high production video montage featuring Avery’s best clips. The Canadian also aired the montage and organization announcement live on his Twitch channel. Avery is the first North American Fortnite player for Cloud9 since March of 2019. He brings with him an impressive tournament history, deserving of a top tier organization.

Avery’s Competitive Fortnite Accomplishments

Some of the more casual Fortnite fans may not be familiar with Avery. His competitive history dates back to the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Although he did not qualify for the finals, Avery proceeded to add several tournament victories over the last year. Avery competed in Chapter 2 – Season 1’s squad Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) alongside UnknownArmy, KEZ and Ronaldo. This foursome qualified for the Grand Finals and took home the victory despite their underdog status. Avery took home his share of $187.5K USD for winning Fortnite’s second major FNCS tournament.

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Avery went on to qualify for the next three FNCS Grand Finals over the next two seasons. He finished in seventh place alongside HazThaGreat in Chapter 2 – Season 2 and took 14th in the FNCS Invitational. Avery’s track record speaks for itself, considering his consistency since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2. More recently, he linked up with Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha and former Team Liquid member Chap but has since parted ways. He will look to add another FNCS title to his credit under the Cloud9 banner.

Cloud9 isn't done yet

It does not seem Avery is the only signing for Cloud9. The announcement Tweet specifically referenced the Canadian as its “first member of #C9FN NA.” With the seemingly endless list of talented Fortnite free-agents, there are a whole lot of names out there looking for a brand to represent. ESTNN recently wrote up a list of top free-agents. Some of the North American players mentioned may find their way onto the Cloud9 roster alongside Avery. We expect Cloud9 to reveal more roster additions soon.

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