Fortnite Cipher Quests – How to Get all Rewards

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Fortnite Cipher Quests – How to Get all Rewards

Everything you need to know to get all rewards from the Fortnite Cipher Quests!

The Fortnite Cipher quests have been added in with the most recent 23.50 patch. With just a week left in the season, we’ve got this whole questline to work through! Get to the end of the challenges and you can unlock brand-new cosmetics in game. These are a bit more challenging than some of Epic’s past quests though, you’re going to need to put the work in if you want to make sure you get everything.

The Fortnite Cipher quests are a mix between simple, and baffling. Some of them are “encrypted” with no instructions given whatsoever! We’ll run through how you can complete all of the Cipher quests, and what the rewards are.

Fortnite Cipher Quests

As the name for these Quests might imply, these have an element of code breaking to them. Some of the quests are encrypted, so it can be helpful to know what they are all going to be ahead of time so you don’t have to mess around with the clues yourself.

When you first look at the Cipher quests, you’ll see some that are just a random jumble of numbers! This is confusing at first. There are also a number of unencrypted quests which are a lot simpler though. These are located below the Fortnite Cipher quests and are a bit more traditional. You’ll just need to complete the tasks in each quest to progress ahead and unlock more of the Cipher cosmetics.

Fortnite Cipher Quests Stage 1

Fortnite Cipher quests

The first Cipher quests start by having players head to a specific location, but it’s not revealing where you actually have to head to! If you don’t fancy the leg work of decoding it, you can just head to Anvil Square!

For this quest, all you need to do is head to Anvil Square in the centre of the map. There is a garage on the east side of the POI. Here, there’s a locker that’s now blocking a doorway. Break down the locker and you can head indoors and down to the floor below. Inside there’s a table with an item that you can interact with! Once you do that, you’ll complete Stage 1 of the quest! It sounds a bit convoluted, but it’s really just interacting with a specific object.

Fortnite Cipher Quests Stage 2

Fortnite Cipher quests

The second of the Fortnite Cipher quests has even fewer clues than the first! This one gives even less information on its location. You don’t have to worry about figuring it out though, just go to Faulty Splits to complete this section. Once you’re at faulty Splits, use a spray on the roof or inside of the bowling alley. That’s the only task for this section.

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Fortnite Cipher Quests Stage 3

Fortnite Cipher Quests

The third stage of the Fortnite Cipher Quests is taking place in Lonely Labs. This is a far-out spot, so it’s probably best to land here. It’s rare you get a circle that will specifically push you to rotate here. In the same game you can visit the Bastion outposts and cover one of the other quests though, so it won’t be a wasted game.

Once you land at Lonely Labs, head to the half-buried storage containers. The open one has a computer inside which you can interact with. That will complete this quest.

Fortnite Cipher Quests – Unencrypted

Alongside solving the Cipher questline with its puzzles, there are some general tasks players can get on with in-game too. These are all of the other Fortnite Cipher quests and the easiest ways to complete them. These are the unencrypted quests that are easier to complete.

Visit 3 Bastion Outposts

For this task, you’ll need to visit three of the smaller buildings that resemble Brutal Bastion. You can move through these pretty quickly. There are launchpads in each of them, so going from one to another isn’t going to take long at all.

Collect Ammo from Chests

Fortnite Cipher Quests

In the next quest, collect 100 ammo that comes out of chests. Pretty simple.

Upgrade Vehicles with On-Road Tired and Cow Catchers

For this quest, you need to add mods to vehicles three times. This is going to be easy if you visit a few gas stations which typically have both mods and vehicles.

Hit Opponents with Ranged Weapons from 75 Meters or More

For this one, you’ll need to hit the opponent 5 times. It can be different opponents too. This is easiest done with a long-range weapon. The DMR has a scope but there’s also the new marksman rifle that can hit from a distance too.

Get Eliminations with. Weapon of Uncommon Rarity of Higher

This stage has you getting eliminations three times with the majority of the loot pool. That’s the first stage. You’ll also need to complete two more stages though. The number of elims you need doesn’t change in this Fortnite Cipher quest. It’s six eliminations in total that you’re aiming for.

Damage Opponents with the Infantry Rifle or the Six Shooter

Fortnite Cipher quests

In this quest, you’ll need to get damage with the new unvaulted weapons from the most recent update. These weapons are a little tricky to use at first, they work best if you have pretty strong aim. The early parts of this multi-stage quest shouldn’t be too difficult, but it might become a bit of a push once you hit the higher ends.

The first part is to deal 300 damage. The second is 1000, and the third is 2000. The highest level might take you a little while but you should be able to get it done if you focus on the weapons.

Mark Targets with the Falcon Scout

Fortnite V23.30 - Falcon Scout

In this one of the Fortnite Cipher quests, you’ll need to bust out the Falcon Scout. All you need to do is mark three separate targets, then you’ll complete the quest.

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Drive a Vehicle in Different Named Locations

For this quest, you just need to drive in a vehicle in different POIs. Since you’re using a vehicle, you might be able to get it done in one long run. Just driving from POI to POI.

Deal Explosive Damage to Enemy Players

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The next quest is for you to deal damage with explosions. You’ll need to do 250 damage in total. The Rocket Launcher is one of the easiest ways to get this done. However, there are a few other things which have explosions like the bows, firing at gas cans, and damaging vehicles.

Collect Bars from Eliminated Players

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You need to get 50 bars from the bodies of eliminated players.

Complete Bounties

You need to complete three different bounties in this one of the Fortnite Cipher Quests.

Purchase Items from a Character or Vending Machine

In this quest, you will need to purchase a weapon, from either an NPC character that is selling weapons or an actual vending machine. You need to do 5 in total. It’ll cost a few bars, but they tend to sell good weapons so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Reroll Augments

Fortnite Cipher quests

In this quest, you just have to reroll your Augments three separate times. You can use the free re-roll in each game, or you can spend some bars to get it done instead.

Place Recruitment Posters

This is a simple quest where you need to interact with spots to place recruitment posters. You’ll only need to do three over the course of the questline.

Spend Bars

This is another quest with multiple stages. It’ll complete as you spend 250 bars, 750 bars, then 2500 bars.

Gain Shields

Take shields from any source, 150 shield is needed in full to complete this.

Destroy Objects While in a Vehicle

On this quest, you’ll need to ram a vehicle through objects to destroy them. It’s 45 that are needed in full.

Deal Damage to Players with Assault Rifles

The Assault Rifle available in Fortnite, a pale tan automatic rifle with a grey clip sits against an orange background

Alongside having to rack up damage with new weapons and at a long-distance, you’ll need to get some damage in with assault rifles too. You need to do 500 for this quest.

Outlast Opponents

This quest has you trying to outlast opponents in a game by staying alive longer. It’s another multi-stage quest. The first is 50 players outlasted, second is 150, and the third is 300.

Fortnite Cipher Rewards

Fortnite V23.50 Patch Notes

Those are all of the Fortnite Cipher quests, but what about the rewards you get for completing them? You’ll have to do quite a few of the encrypted an unencrypted quests, but your rewards include some free cosmetics. This is what you can unlock.

  • Keep the Peace Spray – Complete 7 unencrypted Cipher Quests
  • Order Up Loading Screen – Complete 15 unencrypted Quests
  • Deciphered Emoticon – Complete 24 Unencrypted Cipher Quests
  • Circuitry Wrap – Complete 3 encrypted Cipher Quests
  • Distant Roar Spray – Complete the Encrypted questline

How Long Do You Have to Unlock Fortnite Cipher Quests?

Those are all of the Fortnite Cipher quests and how you can get the cosmetics in-game. These are time-limited quests though. With Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 approaching, there’s not long to get them done. Players have until Friday 10th March to finish off the quests. Anything not unlocked by then will be lost.

Fortnite Cipher Quests – How to Get all Rewards
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