Fortnite Chapter 3: All Vault Locations & How To Open Them

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Fortnite Chapter 3: All Vault Locations & How To Open Them

Learn all Fortnite Chapter 3 Vault locations and various ways to open them.

Vaults have returned to Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter 3 Season 1, much to the delight of early Chapter 2 fans. These loot-filled containers represented everything enjoyable about Chapter 2 Season 2 through Chapter 2 Season 4. Epic briefly moved away from Vaults only to bring them back in the game’s most significant season launch to date.

Today, we’ll show where you can find every Vault location in Chapter 3 Season 1 and provide some helpful hints on how to breach their walls.

All Vault Locations in Chapter 3 Season 1


The Chapter 3 Season 1 map, with all Vault locations marked by a red circle

Players dropping into Fortnite’s newest season will eventually stumble across Vaults, considering there are seven in total on the map. You can locate these by navigating to one of seven “Seven Outposts” — named after the group attempting to stop the Imagined Order (IO). Outposts appear in almost every conceivable area on the map, so there are several options for those looking to explore Vaults. Non-player characters (NPCs) known as “Seven Sentries” patrol the Outposts but will not attack unless provoked.

You can see each Outpost circled on the map above. Next, we’ll cover each known technique for opening Vaults.

How To Open Vaults in Chapter 3 Season 1

A statue of the Foundation looms on the horizon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Unlike Chapter 2 Season 2 and Season 3, Vaults do not open with a keycard in Chapter 3 Season 1. Instead, the game offers several different methods to gain access. The easiest way is to queue into Duos, Trios or Squads and have your entire team navigate to a Vault. Merely standing in front of the door for a few seconds does the trick.

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Other methods that work in Solos have also been discovered. Many players have confirmed that capturing a chicken and bringing it to the Vault grants entrance. Additionally, knocking one of the two Seven Sentries located at the Outposts and carrying the body to the Vault works. These changes make ransacking one of these reinforced gold mines much easier.

However, the trade-off is a downgrade in loot. Chapter 3’s Vaults are not robust and offer a refined selection of weapons and healing items. Still, it’s fun to land at an Outpost to experience those Chapter 2 Season 2 Grotto feelings once again.

That covers everything there is to know about Vaults in Chapter 3 Season 1. Be sure to keep this information in mind the next time you enter a match.

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