Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 Nexus War Groot, Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer Mythic Abilities Detailed

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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 Nexus War Groot, Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer Mythic Abilities Detailed

ESTNN details all of the new Mythic abilities in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4!

Marvel Comics has taken center-stage in Fortnite's latest season. Chapter 2 – Season 4, dubbed Nexus War, brought several recognizable Marvel characters into the Fortnite realm. Some of those notable names are She-Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Mystique and Wolverine. ESTNN recently detailed an insane amount of patch notes that came along with this new season.

However, there are a few key elements with Fortnite's latest season that deserve extra special attention.

The last two seasons of Fortnite introduced new points of interest (POIs), which featured non-player characters (NPCs) known as Henchmen and boss characters. The boss characters dropped powerful weapons of Mythic rarities. Mythic items are back in Chapter 2 – Season 4. Epic Games has themed these items after Doctor Doom, Groot and the Silver Surfer. We have all the details that you will need to know about these items.

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets

Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom received his POI in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 aptly named Doom's Domain. It is essentially a reskin of Pleasant Park with some darker overtones. Doom's Domain features Henchmen and Doctor Doom himself as the primary boss character. Upon eliminating Doom, he will drop two different Mythic abilities. The first of which is named Arcane Gauntlets.

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Arcane Gauntlets are the gloves worn by Doctor Doom. These gloves grant players the ability to fire plasma shots at enemies for 30 damage per blast. The Arcane Gauntlets also allow players to take flight for a brief moment with no fall damage repercussions. Players can undoubtedly abuse the Arcane Gauntlets to spam plasma shots at enemy structures and even take height with the flying ability. YouTuber BobbyCarterIV released a breakdown of both Doctor Doom abilities, as shown above.

Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb

Doctor Doom's second ability, named Mystical Bomb, is also available at Doom's Domain. Eliminating Doctor Doom grants players both the Arcane Gauntlets and the Mystical Bomb. The Mystical Bomb eviscerates anything in its path, dealing 60 damage in the process. It also creates a lasting fire effect on any structures that it impacts. The 20-second cooldown is not ideal, but there is undoubtedly a path to eliminations using this Mythic ability.

Groot's Bramble Shield

Located at the Quinjet Patrol sites, Groot's Bramble Shield surrounds a player in a ball of branches. The Bramble Shield heals players and also allows for quicker transport across the map. There is a 25-second cooldown after each use. It's worth noting that several Quinjet Patrol sites are on the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 map. Players can locate the Quinjet Patrol sites by navigating to the areas marked with blue smoke. One of the four regions will contain Groot's Bramble Shield as well as the next Mythic item.

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Silver Surfer's Board

The final Mythic ability available at the launch revolves around the Marvel character known as Silver Surfer. Like Groot's Bramble Shield, Silver Surfer's Board will drop at one of the four Quinjet Patrol sites. This ability boosts players into the air, allowing them to glide on Silver Surfer's board. It also grants a glider redeploy on the fall down. Players will not experience fall damage while using this Silver Surfer's Board. It's rare to come across, but useful in the right situation.

The Mythic abilities this season seem much tamer compared to what we saw in the past. More of these abilities may be available as the season progresses. Be sure to drop into Fortnite and try these Mythic abilities out for yourself. At the very least, they will be fun to experiment with in public matches.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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