Fortnite: Centric Gaming Revamps Roster, Signs Rakso, Kubx and Snagged

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Fortnite: Centric Gaming Revamps Roster, Signs Rakso, Kubx and Snagged

Centric Gaming adds three EU pros to its Fortnite roster.

North America-based esports organization Centric Gaming made a splash in the competitive Fortnite scene in October of last year. With NBA Champion Dion Waiters on board as an investor, Centric Founder Kyree Ware acquired four talented professional Fortnite players. Since then, the organization saw all four of those players exit, making room for others to join. Today, Centric Gaming’s Twitter account announced the addition of European pro players Kubx, Rakso and Snagged. After clearing house in favor of new players, Kyree Ware and company are looking toward a bright 2021 in competitive Fortnite.

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Centric Adds Kubx, Rakso and Snagged

The organization released an announcement video on Twitter early this morning, introducing three new members. Among them are Polish players Rakso and Kubx, who have achieved solid results in the seasonal Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) competitions. Both players are three-time FNCS Finalists with some outstanding results to date. Rakso just recently secured a fourth-place finish in FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 4. Kubx’s best finish occurred in Chapter 2 – Season 2, where he and his former duo partner Kami finished in fifth place.

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Italian pro Fortnite player Snagged became the third member of Centric’s revamped roster, fresh off a fourth-place DreamHack Open finish and a Gillette Bomber Cup victory. Centric moves forward with three talented European players to kick-off 2021.

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Night, Kylie, Adn and Jelty Leave Centric

After only a few months under the Centric banner, Night, Kylie, Adn and Jelty are now free agents. The organization released Adn and Jelty over the last couple of months. Night and Kylie were the last two shoes to drop as Centric drafted offers to three new members. With so many free agents available, it’s possible that Founder Kyree Ware will look to add more in the future.

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