Fortnite: Blatant Cheater Finishes Second In A Solo Cash Cup

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Fortnite: Blatant Cheater Finishes Second In A Solo Cash Cup

A European Fortnite player cheated his way to a second-place Solo Cash Cup finish.

Competitive Fortnite's European region grabbed all the attention in their second Solo Cash Cup of Chapter 2 – Season 6. However, instead of the tournament winner making headlines, it was yet another soft-aim cheater that became the topic of conversation. While DreamHack Winter Champion Merijn secured the Cash Cup win, a player known only as “GEMATO TASAKI,” became the subject of many VOD reviews across the community. Anyone who tuned in knew instantly that this player did not legitimately earn his second-place finish.

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Player Cheats His Way to Second Place

Fortnite analyst Reisshub keyed in on a few damning clips of evidence from the cheater's perspective. The first of which shows this player instantly locking on to an unseen adversary across the map. Clip number two displayed the same soft-aimer eliminating an opponent without missing a single SMG bullet. There is no question that GEMATO TASAKI purchased cheats, given the unprecedented 79 eliminations he earned across eight matches. While the result will most definitely not last, the situation shows how vulnerable Fortnite's anti-cheat software can be at times.

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Tournament Integrity and Undetectable Cheats

This incident is not the first time Fortnite's anti-cheat has come under fire. An NA West player reached the finals of an FNCS Qualifier in Chapter 2 РSeason 3 without immediate discipline. Epic has never fully elaborated on how the anti-cheat system works. It seems hit or miss at times. In this case, the anti-cheat failed its jobs and allowed a player to proceed through a tournament undetected.

Fortnite World Cup Champion David “aqua” Wang posted another clip of the cheater on Twitter, asking, “how is he doing that and not getting banned?” He has a point, considering how blatant the cheats are in the many videos that surfaced. It's worth wondering how this player could make it through an entire tournament without Epic banning him. He undoubtedly ruined the chances of other players, who were playing legitimately and wanted to win. Unfortunately, those who fell victim have almost no recourse. Epic Games has not yet nullified the Cash Cup results or addressed the issue.

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