Fortnite: Best Landing Spots In Chapter 2 – Season 8

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Fortnite: Best Landing Spots In Chapter 2 – Season 8

ESTNN breaks down the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8: Cubed.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is cruising along at a rapid rate. The cubes are moving, and there’s no telling what could happen next. Nonetheless, the latest season of Fortnite is objectively one of the best thus far. Epic’s expansion of the map and inclusion of more loot and drop spot options has been a breath of fresh air.

While the changes seem minimal, the Season 8 map possesses more loot than ever before. Naturally, some locations received a significant boost in what they offer, and others remained unchanged. We’ve had a chance to experience the entire map and narrowed down the best places to land.

Believer Beach


Kicking off the list is Believer Beach — formerly known as Sweaty Sands. This Chapter 2 staple remains one of the friendliest locations for loot, fishing spots, mobility and materials. Believer Beach is home to 35 potential chest spawns and 16 possible fishing spot spawns. It should come as no surprise, considering the popularity of this spot.

There’s a reason why half the lobby in either Public or Arena matches lands at Believer Beach. You’ll undoubtedly have to fight droves of opponents, but there’s enough loot to help you defeat everyone. All in all, you won’t find many other spots with as much as Believer Beach. However, players have to decide if the loot is worth the risk.

Misty Meadows

The in-game location, Misty Meadows, featuring red-roofed houses and an old-fashioned clock tower

Misty Meadows is on the shortlist of best locations since Fortnite transitioned to Chapter 2. Like Believer Beach, Misty is a memorable drop spot over the last few years. It contains two large areas connected by a bridge with chests aplenty on each side. Players landing here will enjoy 28 possible chests within the location’s confines.

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These are spread out across multiple similar-looking houses and other spots. Misty Meadows also offers lines of sight to eliminate opponents and spots to lurk and surprise unsuspecting enemies. It’s a reliable POI to land on, and it’s typically not as popular as the others.

Dirty Docks

A shot of the Dirty Docks location in Fortnite, an industrial harbor on a pleasant sea.

Next on the list is Dirty Docks — another outstanding Chapter 2 drop spot. It’s been one of the best locations for the last few seasons and is even more generous in Season 8. Located on the east coast, Dirty Docks is home to 26 Chests, but the latest update added another 12 not far away. One of the UFOs crashed on the beach next to Dirty, so there are even more loot options around the downed saucer.

Considering its coastal location, players will find up to 13 fishing spots, which contain everything from Floppers and Shield Fish to Epic and Legendary weapons. Dirty Docks is perhaps the least popular of the three locations on this list, so be sure to mark it and utilize its gifts en route to the inevitable Victory Royale.

Stealthy Stronghold


A new arrival to the list of best landing spots is Stealthy Stronghold. Predator’s former stomping grounds is no longer technically a named location on the map, but it’s been a treasure trove of loot for two consecutive seasons. The Imagined Order established residency in Stealthy Stronghold and brought some added incentive for players to land here.

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Stealthy possesses upwards of 22 chest spawns and 18 fishing spots. Those alone should get you an outstanding inventory before the first Storm Circle starts to close. The IO Guards were also friendly enough to leave three supply chests in their headquarters. Supply chests typically contain Rail Guns, Recon Scanners and healing items, so don’t sleep on Stealthy as one of the most reliable drop spots.

Kami Split (Destroyed Dish, Chair & Lake Canoe)


Perhaps the best area to land in Chapter 2 – Season 8 combines three different landmarks into one bountiful experience. Named after professional Fortnite player Kami, the Kami Split encompasses Destroyed Dish, Chair and Lake Canoe. The traditional route stretches further north and south, but this small area has it all.

Nearly 35 chests, a supply chest and around seven fishing spots inhabit the area immediately west of Dirty Docks. It’s a sizable area but easily traversable by a solo, duo, trio or squad. The recently added Slip Stream makes navigating the site much easier, as does the Launch Pad located in Destroyed Dish. Kami Split is worth giving a shot if you’ve never followed the loot path.

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