Fortnite: BBG Calc And XTRA Mero Win NA East December DreamHack Duos

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Fortnite: BBG Calc And XTRA Mero Win NA East December DreamHack Duos

Find out all the results from December NA East DreamHack Duos Tournament.

The Swedish production company known as DreamHack returned to competitive Fortnite with its sixth consecutive Online Open tournament. Their partnership with Epic Games began over the summer, and the subsequent online competitions acted as a replacement to DreamHack’s usual string of offline gaming events. COVID-19 ended all hopes of another Fortnite LAN in 2020, but the team behind DreamHack was not ready to throw in the towel. Instead, the organization offered a $1.75 million prize pool spread across seven months and three regions. It was the chance of a lifetime for players to showcase their skills and earn some cash.

December marked the first month of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5, which added new locations, mechanics and weapons into the popular Battle Royale title. Season 5 came out just last week, so the competitive meta continues to develop with each passing scrim and arena match. This month’s DreamHack Duos competition was the first real test in Season 5. Players from NA East, NA West and Europe all tried their hand, battling from the open round into the Grand Finals. Fortnite World Champion Bugha, two-time European FNCS Champion TaySon, NRG Clix, FaZe Bizzle and many others reached the final round, but only one duo would claim the $15K USD grand prize.

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25 Eliminations and a Victory for Calc and Mero

The brand new duo of Season X Champion BBG Calc and Season 4 Champion Mero stayed in the hunt until the closing moments of this month’s competition. It was a game five Victory Royale, that elevated them above everyone else. With one match remaining, Calc and Mero shut the door with a five-elimination tenth place finish. In total, the keyboard and controller tandem ended with 25 eliminations and 292 points. Despite playing into the early morning hours, Calc and Mero each won their first DreamHack tournament, claiming the $15K USD first-place prize in the process.

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Several Top Players Not Far Behind

The leaderboard for the December NA East DreamHack Duos Tournament showing Calc and Mero in first place and LG Slackes and XTRA Illest in 4th place

Calc and Mero’s performance became much more impressive when scrolling down the leaderboard. The top ten featured a who’s who of Fortnite’s best players from many different regions. V0il and Rocaine flirted with victory the entire night, ultimately ending with 260 points and 19 eliminations, good enough for second place. DreamHack regulars LG Xoonies and SEN Aspect stayed consistent throughout the competition, managing five top-15 finishes out of six matches; they walked away with 257 points in third place. LG Slackes and XTRA Illest secured a fourth-place finish with 243 points.

Other notable duos atop the leaderboard included 100T Arkhram & XTRA Reet in 5th, FaZe Megga and FaZe Dubs in 6th, BBG Kreo & BBG Bucke in 8th and finally Vanish Glace & Trashy in 10th.

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That concludes the NA East region for this month’s DreamHack Duos competition. Next up, we have NA West beginning on December 16 and finally Europe on December 19. Stay tuned to ESTNN for all of your competitive Fortnite needs!

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