Fortnite: Aydan and Bizzle Leave Ghost Gaming

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Fortnite: Aydan and Bizzle Leave Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming just lost its two most iconic players.

It's the end of an era as Ghost Gaming's Fortnite team has lost two legendary players. Today, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad and Timothy “Bizzle” Miller both announced that they are leaving Ghost Gaming on good terms. After joining respectively back in August and June of 2016, Aydan and Bizzle went on to compile outstanding careers in their own right under the Ghost banner.

Aydan Splits with Ghost Gaming

Aydan took to Twitter with his part of the dual announcement of himself and Bizzle leaving their long-time organization. The young NA West controller player stated, “I am officially parting ways with Ghost Gaming on good terms. Ghost was the first and only organization I've been on and I've learned so much over the last 2 years.” He went on to thank Ghost Gaming's executives and managers for their help in elevating his career. Aydan finished his statement saying that he is now a free agent and open to offers from all organizations. It's been quite a journey for Ghost Gaming and Aydan as the player and organization became synonymous with one another for the majority of Fortnite's life.

Revisiting Aydan's Illustrious Career

Aydan began his career in professional Fortnite when the popular Battle Royale title was on top of the world. He participated in several invite-only LAN tournaments, including the Summer and Fall Skirmish tournaments. Aydan burst onto the scene in an impactful way, making a name for himself during the Summer Skirmish tournament at PAX West back in August of 2018. He and popular Twitch streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff went to war at Tilted Towers several times over at the event. Aydan won the majority of their exchanges, creating an insane viewing experience for all who watched and establishing Aydan as a name in the community. Aydan then teamed up with friendly rival NICKMERCS at the Twitchcon Fortnite Fall Skirmish, where the two yet again put on a show and ultimately finished in ninth place.

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The former Ghost Gaming player continued to compete and eventually qualified for the Fortnite World Cup with Sean “Sean” Close currently of Ghost Gaming. The two placed in 37th at the monumental event in New York and then added Harrison “psalm” Chang to complete their trio for the Season X Fortnite Champion Series. Aydan, Sean and psalm closed out Season X with a 15th place finish. Since then, Aydan continued competing at his own pace, finding success in Cash Cups and Friday Fortnite “bot race” style tournaments.

Bizzle Leaves Ghost Gaming

Former Secret Skirmish winner, Bizzle, followed Aydan's footsteps in leaving Ghost Gaming. Similar to Aydan, Bizzle joined the veteran Fortnite organization back in its heyday and achieved outstanding results throughout his career. In a Twitlonger statement, Bizzle explained the situation, “I have mutually parted ways with Ghost Gaming. Ghost was my first org and the true start to my gaming career, from Pax West to Dreamhack they have been there for me and there are a lot of people I want to thank. I also wish Ghost the best of luck on its next chapter…” Bizzle continued by thanking the Ghost Gaming family and left the door open for any interested organization to contact him. This parting of ways marks the end of an era for one of Fortnite's greatest players of all time.

Bizzle's Outstanding Competitive Track Record

Many widely recognize Bizzle as one of the best players in the game's three-year history. He competed at the Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish where he made a name for himself. Bizzle achieved results of second as a solo at the Summer Skirmish; and fourth alongside Dylan “Dmo” Moore at the Fall Skirmish. He and Dmo continued as a duo and journeyed to one of Fortnite's few LAN tournaments known as WSOE 3. There, the two took sixth place. Then came the Secret Skirmish, which became Bizzle's legitimization as he finished in sixth alongside TriggySoars and first place as a solo competitor. Bizzle established himself as an exceptional offline player, and this continued at the ESL Katowice Royale, which saw Bizzle finish in fourth both as a solo and with Dmo in the duo portion of the tournament.

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The Fortnite World Cup arrived and Bizzle participated only as a solo, finishing in 23rd place after going in a heavy favorite to win. He fell off the map a bit during Season X where he failed to qualify for the FNCS Finals. But he rallied back in the next season. Bizzle joined Eclipsae and FaZe Clan's Megga and Dubs for the Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS and took second place in the Grand Finals. Along with these accomplishments, Bizzle has performed well in Solo Cash Cups and most recently

achieved a second-place finish at the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open. To this point in Bizzle's competitive Fortnite career, he's earned nearly $600K USD from tournaments winnings alone. The 21-year-old just became one of the hottest free agents in Fortnite.

Ghost Gaming Continues Losing Players

Back in February, ESTNN reported that Innocents and Assault left Ghost Gaming. Before that, Thwifo, Kayuun and Snood left the organization back in January. Since then, Dmo left Ghost Gaming and retired from Fortnite, and now Aydan and Bizzle are free agents.

It's is a strange time to be part of Fortnite for esports organization. Especially considering how many have left over the past few months. Lazarus Esports dropped their entire roster just last month, and many others have also gotten out of Fortnite. Perhaps some are reevaluating their stance on the Battle Royale title from a competitive perspective, but it’s concerning to see this trend develop.

Ghost Gaming's active Fortnite roster now includes Sean, Saf, Trapped, Zarby, Issa and Kamo. The loss of Aydan and Bizzle is significant as the two Fortnite icons go in search of a new organization to represent.

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