Fortnite: $250K Console Champions Cup Season 8 Recap & Results

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Fortnite: $250K Console Champions Cup Season 8 Recap & Results

ESTNN recaps the Fortnite Console Champions Cup for Europe and NA East.

Fortnite’s third-ever Console Champions Cup has officially concluded mere days after the $3M USD Fortnite Champion Series. Console players have a $250K USD prize pool to compete for one weekend each season and some stingy PC adversaries to overcome. The lull between FNCS tournaments is the perfect time for players from both walks of gaming to converge on the console turf.

While the Console Champions Cup is certainly not a flagship competition, tens of thousands threw their hat into the ring for a piece of the pie and bragging rights. However, only seven would claim the title of Season 8 Console Champions.

Today, ESTNN recaps the two major regions in competitive Fortnite; Europe and NA East. The finals of each possessed some of the best PC and console players across the world. Let’s see if the console players could defend their territory or if the PC elite took over once again.


Andilex, Destru & Laizen Claim Their Third Console Championship

It was another successful outing for the now three-time European Console Champions Cup winners. The combination of FNCS Season 2 Champion Andilex and teammates Destru and Laizen have proven their ability to dominate on the console side of Fortnite. For the third consecutive $250K USD tournament — Andilex, Destru and Laizen overcame worthy challengers such as Queasy and Kami en route to the winner’s circle.

Their six-match effort in the finals led to 187 points, including a tournament-leading 33 eliminations and an average placement of six. Can anyone overcome the clear best European trio on console? Next season, we’ll have to find out when Andilex, Destru and Laizen go for their fourth consecutive triumph. In the meantime, each will enjoy an additional $7.2K USD in earnings.

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Pingo, Tombik & Pixovsky Narrowly Finish Second

Pingo, Tombik and Pixovsky made a valiant run at the console kings but fell just short. Despite possessing a similar stat line to Andilex’s trio, one poor game kept the lesser-known trio from the top spot. After six matches, Pingo, Tombik and Pixovsky ended their day with 173 points, 30 eliminations and an average placement of 7.50.

  • 1st: Falcon Andi EW, Rz Destru, Laizen le toutax – 187 points – $21,600 ($7,200 each)
  • 2nd: PST Pingo, PST Tombik, PST PieceKinglol – 173 points – $16,500 ($5,500 each)
  • 3rd: Queasykame, solo venô, wxlfiez – 159 points – $13,500 ($4,500 each)
  • 4th: 203 kidd haha, 200 to 0 kid, Only 203 cba – 154 points ($3,000 each)
  • 5th: heretics packo, Gibﱞon, KamiFN – 150 points – $7,500 ($2,500 each)
  • 6th: OSRV Kurzanxlol., le bon tokyo, le bon MTS – 148 points – $6,000 ($2,000 each)
  • 7th: FS Umplify, EIQ Minny 456, AOS Chashy – 140 points – $5,250 ($1,750 each)
  • 8th: ALOFT DIABLO 203, passivq, Xaint Luke – 137 points – $4,500 ($1,500 each)
  • 9th: Cynx L2R2, SryImBake, Tacji – 137 points – $3,000 ($1,000 each)
  • 10th: goat gully, Gokifanboy, ACY Wight – 133 points – $2,400 ($800 each)
  • 11th: Epileptic Teekew, ALOFT Ronbob, nalq suiiiiiii – 132 points – $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 12th: hycr1s, OVА nightsck, la cаrotte – 130 points – $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 13th: Youtube Rz Neken, Saiikoww, RAK Rare – 103 points – $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 14th: Joanee two k, santik 17, yeдинз – 99 points – $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 15th: Vitаlity Nikof, Kokushibō Flypii, b1acky.BDS – 98 points – $1,200 ($400 each)

NA East

Team Squish Wins by 21 Points

The NA East region witnessed a runaway victory from the likes of Squish, Revised and Playify. They executed a consistent game plan—not finishing lower than 14th in any of their six matches. Squish, Revised and Playify earned a Victory Royale in match four to move them significantly up the leaderboard. A ninth and tenth-place finish in matches five and six secured them the Console Champions Cup title. The three players compiled 192 points, one Victory Royale and 40 eliminations in their successful endeavor.

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Deyy, Cam & Halloh Take Second

Second-place in the NA East region went to Cam, Halloh and two-time FNCS Champion Deyy. They flexed their controller skills on the console community to the tune of 171 points, including 31 eliminations and an average placement of 9.50. While they fell significantly short of the champs, it was a solid outing for a last-second trio. Each player collected $2.4K USD as a result.

  • 1st: KNG Squish, Twitch Revised1, AlexPlayify – 192 points – $9,600 ($3,200 each)
  • 2nd: XTRA Deyylol, FLU CAM SLAM, Hallohween – 171 points – $7,200 ($2,400 each)
  • 3rd: kwаh, Acоrnski, KNG Justice – 170 points – $6,000 ($2,000 each)
  • 4th: Dxrantula, Chronic Jayz, ELITE PXMP – 164 points – $3,600 ($1,200 each)
  • 5th: YTDropz, Zpxу, TNG Tkay – 153 points – 153 points – $2,700 ($900 each)
  • 6th: skqttles, TNG Nut, XTRA Illest – 142 points – $2,100 ($700 each)
  • 7th: Fragger Julty, Twitter TBSnc4, dirtymeefks – 139 points – $1,800 ($600 each)
  • 8th: prudasbot 200, paper, NBA YOUNGQB203 – 132 points – $1,500 ($500 each)
  • 9th: Killsyz, Twitch BronxLC, IGL Silxz – 124 points – $1,200 ($400 each)
  • 10th: 4LK Cartoon, Arriame, M2K Jbcao – 120 points ($350 each)
  • 11th: wuxeq 203, YSF Daxthon, Cruelty lSocram – 114 points – $900 ($300 each)
  • 12th: DeRoller, Xooniеs, ykеll – 105 points – $900 ($300 each)
  • 13th: Buxilds, TC Zeus, Dashharoonie – 102 points – $900 ($300 each)
  • 14th: PATEHK 8, Te amo Nyuxea, Cxz – 99 points – $900 ($300 each)
  • 15th: TiPe Shotzz, CloutZzy YT, CH Fusionz – 93 points – $900 ($300 each)

That wraps up the third Console Champions Cup. Be sure to check back for more information regarding the upcoming FNCS Grand Royale and other Fortnite news items!

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