FNCS Major 3 Drops and How to Get Free FNCS Renegade Skin

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FNCS Major 3 Drops and How to Get Free FNCS Renegade Skin

There’s a new batch of FNCS Major 3 drops available, along with a free FNCS Renegade skin you can grab in-game by competing in a special tournament.

There’s a brand new FNCS Major coming up to its finals in the next few days. The conclusion for Fortnite esports in Chapter 4 Season 3. Even if you’re not too interested in following the top Fortnite players though, there are FNCS drops which might get you interested. Beyond just the normal drops too, there’s a free FNCS Renegade skin you can pick up in its own special tournament. This is a unique take on one of the most iconic Fortnite skins!

Each season of the FNCS comes with a new unique Fortnite drops for watching. Unlike in other titles which have Twitch drops and cosmetics though, Epic has a much more open system for earning them. Players can get the FNCS Major 3 drops through Twitch, YouTube, and even by hanging out in the game itself. The free FNCS Renegade skin is a bit trickier to pick up, you’ll need to compete in a dedicated tournament to get that one.

Even if things are a bit trickier, everyone can get some of the free Fortnite cosmetics on offer by completing some special tasks during the FNCS. If you want to make sure you’re grabbing all of the cosmetics and items that you physically can, this is how you can get FNCS Major 3 drops along with the Free FNCS Renegade skin!

How to Get Free FNCS Major 3 Drops

 FNCS Major 3 Drops and How to Get Free FNCS Renegade Skin

The FNCS Major 3 drops are the easier side of the free cosmetics this season. The skin is definitely a big draw, but Epic is putting a bigger wall up against players hoping to get an entire free outfit. If you’re happy with some of the cosmetics though, there’s a really simple way to get those. These are the free FNCS Major 3 drops that you can pick up.

  • Raptor Rider Spray – Week 1 FNCS Major 3
  • Lush Moves Loading Screen – Final Week of FNCS Major 3 Drops
  • King Me-Ow Emoticon – August 12 Finals game
  • 8 Lives Down Loading Screen – August 13 Finals Games
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In each of these periods, you can collect those free FNCS Major 3 drops. How exactly can you receive them though? As with past Seasons of FNCS drops, it’s about watching games. Or at least having your Epic account tied to the game’s being broadcast.

You receive each item by watching the FNCS on the correct day. You’ll get them just for clocking up 15 minutes of watch time in-game! That’s great as it means you don’t need to watch the entire thing to get your drop. What’s especially nice is it’s not tied to a Twitch account either.

You can get the free FNCS Major 3 drops by using the Twitch channel, but also the official YouTube. Then there’s the Epic Games website and even the special Legends Landing map in Fortnite. Any of these ways will get your rewards provided you’ve linked your Epic Games account to get the loot. You should likely have two factor authentication turned on in Fortnite too if you want to use other platforms safely.

How to Get the Free FNCS Renegade Skin

 FNCS Major 3 Drops and How to Get Free FNCS Renegade Skin

One of the most popular and recognisable skins in Fortnite has to be the Renegade Raider. Originally one of the very first Fortnite skins, lately Epic has used the character’s shape and look to make newer skins. One of these is the FNCS Renegade. This season that skin is back with a brand new coloring and design to match the current FNCS Major Drops. Epic isn’t giving away this skin entirely for free unless you can earn it.

Rather than sitting around for 15 minutes, there’s a bit of competition to get your hands on the FNCS Renegade skin. If you want to get it for free, you’ll have to compete in a new type of competitive tournament. A bit trickier than just grabbing the FNCS Major 3 drops. A new version of the skin has made it to the game that’s going to be part of an upcoming tournament. Those who compete in the FNCS Community Cup will be able to compete to unlock the free FNCS Renegade skin. You’ll need to rank pretty high to get the skin itself.

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While the top prize is only going to be the best Duos, there are more prizes for taking part. Anyone who gets at least 8 points will get their hands on a special spray. Although, you’ll need to be one of the winners to get the skin itself.

Outside of this tournament, the FNCS Renegade skin will be available in the store too. If you fancy your chances though, you can always jump into the tournament and try and unlock the full skin for free. Most players will likely walk away with at least a free spray for their trouble.

What is the Renegade Skin?

The new FNCS Renegade skin is a different version of a Fortnite classic. It’s the Renegade Raider skin with a new color design. They’ve done a few different versions of the Raider in the past but the new one features a fresh style with a unique color scheme for the character. Players can get their hands on the free FNCS Raider skin in the store or tournament, but the original Raider is a bit trickier.

The Renegade Raider has long been thought of as one of the rarest Fortnite skins. This character was originally added in the very first season of the game. Only those who started with the very first OG Fortnite season would have been able to pick the skin up. It even cost V-Bucks, and back then fewer players were spending cash as it was less certain the game was going to be around for all that long. Compared to just grabbing free FNCS Major 3 drops, it was difficult to get at the time.

The new version of the Renegade Raider for the FNCS is a great chance to get a version of the skin though. The free FNCS Renegade skin is even a chance to grab one without paying. If you can successfully get the skin, this one might go on to be rare too. Since it’s in this season’s FNCS colors it likely won’t be back in this exact form beyond this round of tournaments.

FNCS Major 3 Drops and How to Get Free FNCS Renegade Skin
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