Fnatic v Mad Lions – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

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Fnatic v Mad Lions – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

Our third a final series of the weekend saw Fnatic v Mad Lions face off for a spot at Malmö. Series 2 of the weekend saw G2 v Rogue, after a great first day of action. In the Fnatic v Misfits series, it was a dominant display by Fnatic, and that was echoed by G2 in the G2 v Rogue series. Would either Fnatic or MAD Lions do it again with a 3-0 victory today?

We're just one weekend away from the LEC Summer 2022 Malmö Grand Finals. With Fnatic v MAD deciding the final spot at Malmö, our final game of the weekend. While Worlds has now been secured, a chance at the Summer title is on the line for both sides.

LEC Playoffs Power Rankings


Fnatic v Mad Lions – Game 1

In a week of 3-0 series in the LEC, Game 1 could be a crucial decider in this series. Could FNC do it again against MAD or could the Lions bite back? The early game is bloody but it's FNC that came out the opening 10-minutes the happier side. Claiming a slender 2k lead. MAD just couldn't match FNC after the early lead, with the former champions taking control. A masterclass from the FNC jungle saw MAD never find a way into the game and they fell apart.

With less than 20-minutes on the clock, FNC was knocking at the MAD base. With Rift Herald charging into the base, MAD couldn't stay in the game and FNC claimed a sub-20-minute victory. MAD would need to get a grip ahead of Game 2 or pace an embarrassingly quick series loss.

Fnatic v Mad Lions – Game 2

After how fast Game 1 was, MAD would need to pick themselves up quickly in Game 2. For FNC, it was about staying calm and taking the series to 2-0. MAD got off to the perfect start in the game, picking up the early leads thanks to Elyoya in the jungle. MAD continued to keep ahead into the mid game, as FNC, ironically, couldn't keep up with the pace. MAD took the Baron and maintained the push into the FNC base and were able to knock it down. After clearing two inhibitors, MAD put their focus on the FNC Nexus as they tied up the series. As they say “game on”, as things are brought back to 1-1.

Fnatic v Mad Lions – Game 3

Heading into Game 3, gave MAD a chance to move ahead in the series. As for FNC, they need to dust themselves off and go again. A much tighter opening 15 this time around, however, MAD will feel they had the slight lead. By the mid game FNC had found a way back into a strong lead, claiming gold across the map as they looked to stabilize this series. Once they got a hold of the game, FNC never looked willing to let it go. They stormed through the MAD base, knocking down the inhibitors as they looked for a win. Look for the win they did as, as FNC took back their lead on the series heading into Game 4.

Fnatic v Mad Lions – Game 4

Just one win left for FNC and they would be heading to Malmö. For MAD, they needed to recover once again from a loss if they wanted to head to Sweden. It was not the start MAD needed, as within the first 10-minutes FNC had a 2k lead and 6 kills on the board. FNC maintained this lead into the late game, but it started to run into to problems. FNC continued to overextend across the map allowing MAD ways back in. While the gap was over 5k at one point, by the time MAD moved to claim Baron it was just 3k. MAD looked to 50/50 a Baron and it paid off at first. However, FNC managed to knock down four members of MAD in the fight, with just one member able to escape with Baron.

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The next objective was the Drake, and once again it was FNC that came away on top. FNC were able to force their way into the MAD base and that was it. FNC headed to Malmö and a chance at the LEC title.

LEC Summer 2022 Playoff Finals Schedule

LEC Summer Semi Final – 10/9/22 – 5PM CEST

LEC Summer Grand Final 11/9/22 – 5PM CEST

Fnatic v Mad Lions – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap
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