Fnatic v Misfits – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

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Fnatic v Misfits – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

The first of two Lower Bracket series saw Fnatic v Misfits, with the winner heading into a series against MAD Lions on Sunday.

We're just one weekend away from the LEC Summer 2022 Malmö Grand Finals. The Fnatic v Misfits matchup loser would be sent home early, so everything was on the line. The winner would set up another series on Sunday against MAD Lions, before heading to Malmö next weekend.

LEC Playoffs Power Rankings

Fnatic v Misfits – Game 1

The first game of a potential five is always an exciting time. Could MSF do the unthinkable and head to Worlds, or would FNC keep up with tradition and head to yet another Worlds. It was the ideal start for FNC, who by 14-minutes on the clock had secured a 6k lead for themselves. It felt like MSF were just waiting to get beaten, as FNC continued to push ahead in Game 1. MSF managed to defend their base from the attack of FNC, the extended fight somehow went the way of MSF as they closed the deficit. FNC reloaded and came again, and this time it was enough to knock down MSF. While they gave MSF a possible way back Game 1 went the way of FNC. MSF had a lot to do if they wanted to get back into this series.

Fnatic v Misfits – Game 2

MSF badly needed to get their heads in the game for Game 2, while FNC just needed to stay calm and do the same again. A closer start than in Game 1, however, it was FNC once again that had the early lead. It took them until 19-minutes to move into the same 6k lead, but that might not be enough time for MSF. While FNC maintained their lead for the next 6-minutes, MSF found a big fight around the 3rd Drake. While FNC did claim it, they tried to force a fight onto MSF. It was flipped, as MSF gave themselves some breathing room.

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Despite a huge Baron claim by MSF, FNC were able to pick them off, leaving MSF with just 2 members left with Baron. The next Baron was claimed by FNC after they forced MSF out of the pit but MSF chased them away post-fight. With a potential Soul Drake spawning for MSF it was a tense moment in the game. MSF managed to claim the Soul Drake as they finally looked the most likely to win Game 2. FNC won a massive fight in the 47th minute and that was enough for FNC to win it all. It would take a huge mental effort for MSF to pull this back.

Fnatic v Misfits – Game 3

Game three was all or nothing for MSF, having come closer in Game 2 they need to win three in a row or face their split ending. For FNC, they would move one step closer to Malmö with a win in any of the next 3 potential games. It was not the start MSF needed, as once again FNC found themselves in the lead with MSF having everything to do. FNC is once again able to win a fight and break open the MSF base. They turned that into a Baron as MSF looked completely out of ideas and heading home. With Baron, FNC crashed into the MSF base and MSF had no way to stop it. With minion waves not with them, FNC reset as they looked to reset and close it out. FNC came back with all 3 inhibitors down, the win was secured and Game 3 went to FNC.

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The quick 3-0 would send FNC to Malmö and send MSF packing. Sadly, it would also be the last time we've ever see MSF in the LEC, as they would not be returning for the 2023 Splits.

LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Schedule

G2 v Rogue – Saturday 3/9/22 – 5PM CEST

Fnatic v MAD – Sunday 4/9/22 – 5PM CEST

Fnatic v Misfits – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap
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