G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

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G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap

Series 2 of the weekend saw G2 v Rogue, after a great first day of action. In the Fnatic v Misfits series, it was a dominant display by Fnatic. Who will head into a series against MAD Lions on Sunday.

We're just one weekend away from the LEC Summer 2022 Malmö Grand Finals. With Fnatic v MAD deciding the final spot at Malmö tomorrow, our attention today was on the Grand Final spot. Both sides might already be going to Worlds, but we've got an LEC title to decide.

LEC Playoffs Power Rankings


G2 v Rogue – Game 1

Game 1 of an important series. While both teams have already secured spots at Malmö and Worlds. The winner here will head straight to the Grand Final. An active opening game, with neither team getting any sort of lead to show for it. Eventually, it was G2 that broke through and secured the first meaningful lead of the game. Once they got a grip of the game, G2 never let up into the late game. G2 after claiming the Baron pushed into the RGE base as they secured a big Game 1 victory.

G2 v Rogue – Game 2

Not the start RGE will have wanted, with G2 running away with it once they got the lead. More of the same will be the order of business for G2. Game 2 was a little like the first game at the start. Though this time it was RGE that came alive later on in the game. RGE always looked to have their noses in front, however, Jankos was able to steal away 2 major objectives into the late game which kept them alive. On the second try, RGE did claim a Baron, as the game was blown wide open again.

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Even with RGE claiming the Baron, it was G2 once again that had the upper hand. They were able to brush past RGE and claim a Game 2 victory. It meant G2 had 3 games to secure their Grand Final spot, while RGE had everything to do to claim theirs.

G2 v Rogue – Game 3

All or nothing for RGE, who needed to win the next 3 games or face a Semi-Final clash next week. Could G2 give us another 3-0 this weekend as we prepare for Malmö, or would RGE shut them down? Another strong early game from RGE, who need to come out swinging in Game 3. In typical G2 fashion, they found a way back soon after, the first major objective fight went their way as they surged into the lead.

With just 18-minutes on the clock, G2 had a 4k lead as they looked to close out a quick 3-0 in the series. Baron is up, and it's G2 again that claimed the major Objective, with RGE too beaten up to stop it. The post-fight saw G2 get out unscathed as RGE licked their wounds and reset. With their base wide open, G2 forces a fight against RGE outside their base as caPs teleports inside their base. It's all too much for RGE and the win goes to G2.

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Not a good series from RGE, with all credit needing to go to G2 who were dominant from the first game and never let up. The win secures G2's spot in the Grand Finals in Malmö next weekend, while RGE will need to face off in the Semi-Final. They'll play the winner of the clash between Fnatic and Mad Lions on Sunday. The only saving grace for RGE is that they've secured a spot at Worlds already.


LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Schedule

Fnatic v MAD – Sunday 4/9/22 – 5PM CEST

LEC Summer Semi Final – 10/9/22 – 5PM CEST

LEC Summer Grand Final 11/9/22 – 5PM CEST

G2 v Rogue – LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs Recap
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