FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs

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FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs

Can FlyQuest bounce back from their last series, or will Golden Guardians' miracle run continue?

The penultimate series of the LCS Spring Split is guaranteed to give us the fans a great story whichever way it goes in the end. If FlyQuest wins, we’ll get a Finals matchup between two of the best teams during the regular season and LCS would send two of its highest-ceiling teams to MSI. But if Golden Guardians win, then fans have a previously mid-table organization being rewarded for their roster-building efforts.

Golden Guardians already achieved the highest finish in the organization’s history when they made it to Raleigh. But a Finals appearance would mean a lot more, especially since their previous core who were bought out by 100 Thieves lifted that trophy. Whatever the end result ends up being, this FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians series promises to be spectacular for the audience.

FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians Preview


There are a lot of things to talk about FlyQuest, but only one of these will make or break this series. If you follow the community discourse on Reddit or Twitter, you’ve seen the posts about benching Eyla and bringing Winsome back. And fans might not be too trigger-happy this time around.

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Eyla was decent even if he wasn’t that great during the regular season. But during the playoffs, especially against Cloud9, he has been a loss-condition. With Stixxay/huhi playing great, Eyla will need to step up massively between series. The top side of this team showed they can go toe-to-toe with anyone, even if VicLa had his bad moments. Still, they need Prince to carry if they want to win a Bo5, and Prince will probably need a good lane partner to get to that point.

Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians is probably the team that improved most during these playoffs. We’ve seen River and Gori carry them throughout the regular season, but everyone stepped up massively during Bo5s. Huhi and Stixxay were huge in multiple games. The engages were from huhi was timeless, and Stixxay’s 1v5 pick on Doublelift will probably be remembered forever.

But the player who showed the most progress was definitely Licorice. From nearly being a negative impact player early on during the regular season to the guy GG gave the counter pick for his carry champions. His job will be incredibly hard against a rock like Impact, still, Golden Guardians will need their top laner to step up once more.

FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians Predictions

The two teams seem to be trending differently, FlyQuest downward and Golden Guardians scaling through playoffs. Still, there is just too much talent in FlyQuest to bet against them in a series. It might be close, but we are expecting a 3-2 FlyQuest victory.

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How to watch FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians

FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians will be the first match of the LCS Finals Weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. The series will start on April 8, 5 pm EST (23:00 CET). Fans can watch the series on or the official LCS Youtube and Twitch channels. For Spanish-speaking fans, LCS also started their Spanish broadcast in partnership with LLA, you can find the stream on the LLA Twitch channel.

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FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs
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