FlyQuest Reinforces Its Summer Split Roster With the 3x LCS Champion Support Vulcan

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FlyQuest Reinforces Its Summer Split Roster With the 3x LCS Champion Support Vulcan

North America’s King of Spring will have a new home for the LCS 2023 Summer.

Since exploding onto the LCS stage on Clutch Gaming back in 2019 and joining Cloud9 for a then-record fee, Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme has been regarded as one of the best support players in the league. In the three and a half years he spent on Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, Vulcan was selected to six All-Pro teams and won three titles (2020, 2021 and 2022 Spring). Despite helping the organization win their first- LCS trophy, his time with the EG came to a sudden end after this Spring Split as the Geniuses decided to part ways with the majority of their roster.

After the split, a lot of rumors surfaced pointing to a move toward LEC for Vulcan. He signed with a Berlin-based talent agency called AchieveMinds and made multiple social media posts while on a Berlin trip, feeding the rumor mill. Thankfully the worst fears of the LCS fans didn’t come true as Vulcan found himself another team in the region. The report today on the move came from the known insider Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger, stating the Canadian support agreed to join FlyQuest for the Summer. Vulcan himself also put out a tweet seemingly confirming the report.

FlyQuest came into the LCS 2023 Spring with an ambitious roster but had failed to meet expectations during playoffs, with the main part of the criticism focused on their support situation. After the intended support Bill “Eyla” Nguyen joined the team late due to visa issues, FlyQuest was forced to play with Kim “Winsome” Dong-keon. With Winsome, FlyQuest dominated the first half of the LCS regular season and was considered the championship favorites.

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Once Eyla joined, the team seemed like they lost a step, dropping multiple games in both the regular season and playoffs. For the Finals week, FlyQuest brought Winsome back to the starting roster, but they eventually fell against the Golden Guardians. Many fans and analysts speculated the reason behind the underperformance with Eyla was due to him not being a Korean speaker and so losing synergy with the star ADC Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan. Still, FlyQuest decided to move forward with the acquisition of Vulcan despite him not speaking Korean either.

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FlyQuest Reinforces Its Summer Split Roster With the 3x LCS Champion Support Vulcan
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