Florida Mayhem 2023 OWL Championship Postgame Interview

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Florida Mayhem 2023 OWL Championship Postgame Interview

After Florida Mayhem's historic 2023 OWL Championship win, we were able to get some words from the team on their reflections on this championship and their time in the Overwatch League.

Did you notice any kind of momentum building up as you went deeper in these maps with the Houston Outlaws?


“I think instead of momentum I would say the opposite. The more we played I feel like the easier it got. The hardest map for us was the first map, but we came back really well and ended up winning that one. I would say that was the map where they pushed us the hardest. As we went along in the match, I think for the whole team it just felt a little bit easier.”

This could possibly be the last season of Overwatch League. With all of you being non-season one veterans, was there anybody you looked into before coming into the league?


“Do I have to pick just one? In that case, I would pick Mano because I've been watching him ever since he was on NYXL. He was very clearly the pillar of the team, and it was very obvious that everyone on the team was looking to him for guidance and support. So I wanted to be like that for my team in the future.”

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“I started playing Overwatch pretty late, so I started competing in 2020. At that time there weren't any Flex Supports that streamed the game, and I wanted to learn and get better. The one player I looked up to because he streamed a lot and I was always in his stream was Ir1s. Something I really liked about him is he played ranked a lot, which not every (professional) player does and he's always talking which most Overwatch League players don't do in ranked. Most of them are quiet or don't talk at all. He was always communicating always trying. He was also at a high level with every single Support character so I really looked up to him before I was in the league and I respect him a lot.”


“I don't really have anyone.”


“I'd like to pick Carpe. When I was on my first Contenders team, we got the opportunity to scrim the Korea Overwatch World Cup team and Carpe was the main DPS at that time. His aim is amazing, his mechanics are amazing, but also he has such a good sense for the game so I was just astounded by him on both fronts.”


“I'd like to pick JJoNak. Not only is he good at the game, he looks really cool while he's doing it.”


“I would like to pick ryujehong. Honestly, I think he's one of the names any Flex Support out there would admit is one of the GOATs.”

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“Fleta. I came to respect him even more after we were on the same team. Whenever he communicates with his teammates he'll make sure feelings aren't hurt. He's always very logical and tactical and just very calm when he approaches you with his opposing idea to yours. I really respected that, and not only did I respect that I think it's part of what made him such an amazing player.”

Florida Mayhem 2023 OWL Championship Postgame Interview
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