First Lego Esports Set Brings Pro Gaming to Lego City

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First Lego Esports Set Brings Pro Gaming to Lego City

The first Lego esports set has been released, a set-up for you to host imaginary tournaments.

Esports has grown loads in recent years but there was still one more barrier left to cross, the world of Lego. The first Lego esports set has just been announced, released in January 2023. The set joins the world of Lego City, letting you put esports events on show on whatever type of town or community you build.

Esports fans or just fans of the building little cities will soon be able to add an entire tournament set-up! A Lego esports tournament truck has come to the market, in a first for both the Lego toys and esports.

Lego Esports Tournament Truck

Lego Esports Truck - TournamentThe Lego Esports set that has recently launched is the Lego City gaming Tournament Truck. Some gamers might recognise the Lego City branding. While a big part of their product offerings, it’s also the idea behind the open world game Lego City Undercover, a surprisingly fun city-based open world game.

The game got its name for the long running Lego City line. An ongoing series of sets that provides the building blocks to put together an entire city made of Lego. This new addition lets you bring esports into your Lego cities. Not for any specific game, but it’s definitely a step towards bringing Esports directly into the world of Lego.

The product is an entire set-up for tournaments. You’re getting a truck which drives around. It takes the whole esports set-up around the city, bringing competitive gaming anywhere. In the back of the truck, it’s fully loaded with an esports tournament set-up.  There’s a score board, two set-ups for players to compete, and a monitor for crowds to watch along with the action. The set even includes a couple of casters and other accessories to create an entire event.

In terms of design this truck is surprisingly familiar. It features a black and green design which is reminiscent of a lot of different esports branding that you’ll catch at events. It doesn’t depict anything specific, but definitely looks pretty esports looking at first glance. Maybe with a couple of G-Fuel or other sponsor logos it would look a little more authentic, but this is a classier way to do the Lego esports truck.

Lego Esports Truck - Tournament

The truck is probably most similar to Big betty. That’s a rolling truck that pops up at events offering quick set-ups and more mobile operations for competitive gaming.

When Can You Get the Lego Esports Truck?

Lego Esports Truck - TournamentThe Lego Esports tournament truck released on January 1st 2023, so it’s not been that long since esports entered the world of esports. The set has 344 pieces which is a decent size. The set is going to cost £39.99. A bit steep for that many pieces, but Lego aren’t exactly known the most affordable toys. Especially when it comes to sets that might appeal to adults alongside children.

The description for the set described it as being “loaded with equipment for staging imaginary gaming competitions.”. It’s great esports is being represented to such a degree in the more traditional world of children’s toys. Young esports fans can now create imaginary esports events and maybe even orgs with their mini figures! Although, this set is also perfectly suitable for a more adult fan that might want a little Lego representation of their favourite spot sat on their shelf. With a few sticker adjustments, you could easily make the display board show off one of the latest Dota tournaments or LoL!

The set could even be paired with some of the Overwatch 2 Lego or similar sets. It might take some creativity. However, positioning an Overwatch set just behind the truck could almost represent a zoomed in view of what the players are competing in.

The set-up might not be a full arena, but it’s something to give esports representation in this prestigious world of buildable toys.

First Lego Esports Set Brings Pro Gaming to Lego City
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