Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes – No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes – No Man’s Sky Guide

Whether you are a new explorer or a veteran starfarer, when it comes to all there is to know about finding and farming Hypnotic Eyes, this No Man's Sky Guide has got it all

No Man's Sky, the vast and exploratory universe, is known for hiding a multitude of treasures. Among these, the enigmatic Hypnotic Eye is a sought-after resource that opens doors to diverse crafting and culinary adventures. However, tracking down these elusive eyes and dealing with the creatures that harbor them can be a challenging endeavor. This guide takes you through the intriguing journey of locating, farming, and utilizing Hypnotic Eyes in No Man's Sky.

Discovering Abyssal Horrors

Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMan'sSky

Before diving into the art of farming Hypnotic Eyes, understanding the source is crucial. Abyssal Horrors are the guardians of these rare gems and can be found in the depths of the oceans, lurking around Sunken Buildings. Their distinctive appearance and behavior make them easy to spot with an Analysis Visor. Approach with caution, as these eerie creatures possess a mesmerizing yet dangerous gaze.

Acquiring Hypnotic Eyes

Abyssal Horrors are your gateway to Hypnotic Eyes. When you successfully vanquish an Abyssal Horror, there's a chance it will drop a Hypnotic Eye. The catch is that these eyes have a short lifespan once dropped, so you must act swiftly to collect them. As these creatures can be formidable foes, let's explore efficient strategies for Hypnotic Eye farming. You can also find them by completing missions.

Efficient Farming Strategies

Method 1: Scanning and Defeating: One of the most effective approaches to farm Hypnotic Eyes is to use your Analysis Visor to pinpoint Abyssal Horrors. Look for the DANGER icon, which signals their presence. When you approach, the Abyssal Horror reacts by opening its eye. This is your opportunity to strike. Aim for the eye, as it's the creature's sole vulnerable spot. Weapons such as the Scatter Blaster, a fully charged Blaze Javelin, or a Boltcaster are recommended for this task. However, beware of the creature's swift and potentially deadly retaliation.

Method 2: Preparation for Efficiency: To maximize your success and minimize risk, consider investing in movement system upgrades. Faster jetpacks and sprinting abilities can aid in evading the Abyssal Horror's attempts to ensnare you. A quick, efficient approach is crucial as you engage these creatures.

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Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Fanbyte

Hypnotic Eye: Value and Uses

Beyond the thrill of farming and collecting Hypnotic Eyes, it's essential to recognize their value and the myriad of applications they offer:

  1. Crafting – Hypnotic Eyes are integral to crafting Impossible Membranes. This vital crafting component requires Chromatic Metal, Hypnotic Eyes, and Living Water.
  2. Refining – In a Refiner, you can transform a single Hypnotic Eye into 50 units of Living Slime, a versatile resource with its applications.
  3. Cooking – Hypnotic Eyes add an intriguing twist to culinary adventures. Recipes like Abyssal Stew, Horrifying Mush, Iced Screams, and Nightmare Sausage can be enhanced with the inclusion of Hypnotic Eyes, offering unique effects when consumed.
  4. Genetic Manipulation – Beyond crafting and cooking, Hypnotic Eyes can be utilized in the Egg Sequencer. This intriguing feature allows you to experiment with creatures, potentially altering their weight, height, anatomy, or even their personality traits.

Crafting with Hypnotic Eyes

Hypnotic Eyes play a central role in crafting Impossible Membranes (Chromatic Metal x100 + Hypnotic Eye x1 + Living Water x150), a crucial component in No Man's Sky. This highly sought-after crafting item is used in various advanced technologies and upgrades. Combine Chromatic Metal, Hypnotic Eyes, and Living Water to create this versatile material, unlocking new horizons for your in-game projects.

Refining with Hypnotic Eyes

Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes - No Man's Sky Guide

Transforming Hypnotic Eye into Living Slime (Hypnotic Eye x1) Hypnotic Eyes, when subjected to refining processes, become a valuable resource known as Living Slime. These slimy substances are versatile and can be utilized in a wide range of crafting and refining tasks. Converting a single Hypnotic Eye into 50 units of Living Slime makes refining a valuable part of your resource management strategy.

Culinary Delights with Hypnotic Eyes

Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User OnerousStorm997

Hypnotic Eyes, with their eerie and mysterious aura, bring an unexpected twist to culinary adventures in the boundless universe of No Man's Sky. In addition to their roles in crafting, refining, and genetic manipulation, these unique ingredients play a crucial part in crafting some of the most exotic dishes. Let's explore these culinary creations in detail:

  1. Horrifying Mush (Hypnotic Eye x 1):
    • Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with the “Horrifying Mush,” a dish as enigmatic as the Hypnotic Eye itself.
  2. Iced Screams (Hypnotic Eye x 1 + Frost Crystal x 1 + Frozen Tubers x 1):
    • The “Iced Screams” is a chilling delight, blending the Hypnotic Eye's mystique with the frosty embrace of Frost Crystal and Frozen Tubers. This dish offers a refreshingly unique flavor, as if the essence of a frozen abyss has been captured in each bite.
  3. Nightmare Sausage (Gelatinous Membrane x 1 + Hypnotic Eye x 1):
    • For those who crave the extraordinary, the “Nightmare Sausage” combines Hypnotic Eye with Gelatinous Membrane, resulting in a sausage that defies culinary norms.
  4. Abyssal Stew (Hypnotic Eye x 1 + Items Name x 1):
    • Last but certainly not least, the “Abyssal Stew” showcases the pure essence of the Hypnotic Eye paired with another item. This dish brings the eerie eye to the forefront, allowing its unique qualities to shine. The item to pair includes one unit of the following: Bone Nuggets, Crunchy Wings, Crystal Flesh, Diplo Chunks x 1, Dirty Meat x 1, Feline Liver, Foraged Mushroom, Horrifying Mush, Impulse Beans, Jade Peas, Latticed Sinew, Lumpy Brainstem, Meaty Chunks, Meaty Wings, Non-Toxic Mushroom, Offal Sac, Processed Meat, ProtoSausage, Pulpy Roots, Raw Steak, Scaly Meat, Scooped Innards, Sievert Beans, Smoked Meat, Solartillo, Steamed Vegetables, Strider Sausage, and Sweetroot.
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Genetic Manipulation with Hypnotic Eyes

One of the most intriguing aspects of Hypnotic Eyes is their role in genetic manipulation through the Egg Sequencer. This unique feature in No Man's Sky allows you to experiment with creature genetics. By using Hypnotic Eyes as catalysts, you can influence various aspects of the creatures you encounter. Here are some details on how Hypnotic Eyes affect genetic manipulation:

Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: FanByte
  1. Growth Hormone (100% Dose): Using Hypnotic Eyes as a growth hormone results in creatures with increasing weight and height. This feature allows you to create giant or massive creatures for your planetary ecosystem.
  2. Gene Splitter (150% Dose): When Hypnotic Eyes are used as a gene splitter, the outcome is creatures with unstable anatomy. This genetic manipulation may lead to unusual, and sometimes comical, results in creature morphology.
  3. Dye Injector (100% Dose): Employing Hypnotic Eyes as a dye injector produces creatures with independent and devoted personalities. These creatures will exhibit unique behavior traits, adding depth and variety to your planetary wildlife.


Hypnotic Eyes in No Man's Sky hold both mystery and practicality, making them a prized resource in the game. The elusiveness of Abyssal Horrors and the fleeting nature of the eyes contribute to their allure. By mastering the art of Hypnotic Eye farming through efficient strategies, you can unlock the full potential of these unique resources. Crafting, refining, cooking, and even genetic manipulation become thrilling pursuits in the boundless universe of No Man's Sky. Embrace the adventure and discover the countless applications of Hypnotic Eyes as you journey through the game's endless horizons. Happy hunting!

Finding and Farming Hypnotic Eyes – No Man’s Sky Guide
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