Finding All 8 Categories of Ships – No Man’s Sky Guide

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Finding All 8 Categories of Ships – No Man’s Sky Guide

Having difficulty finding all 8 categories of ships in No Man's Sky? Well, this comprehensive guide has got your covered

In the boundless universe of No Man's Sky, exploration is not just a pastime but a way of life. As interstellar travelers, we rely on ships to take us to the galaxy's far reaches, offering unique opportunities for discovery, trade, combat, and more. This article delves into the diverse types of ships available in No Man's Sky and explores how players can acquire these vessels.

All 8 Categories of Ships Listed

As we embark on our cosmic exploration in No Man's Sky, it's essential to familiarize ourselves with the diverse fleet of starships that await us in the far reaches of the universe. These space vessels have been meticulously designed to cater to a wide array of playstyles and preferences, each with its own unique strengths and aesthetics. From the versatile shuttles to the combat-ready fighters, from the intrepid explorer vessels to the rugged haulers, our journey will be defined by our choices.

Additionally, the game has introduced a range of specialized ships, including exotic, living, solar, and salvaged Sentinel ships, each adding a distinct layer of depth and variety to our interstellar adventures. This article will delve into each ship type's details, helping you decide on the perfect vessel for your cosmic odyssey.

Shuttle – The Balanced Ship

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Shuttles are the workhorses of No Man's Sky, offering a balanced blend of capabilities. These space vessels provide reasonable inventory space, speed, and maneuverability, making them a versatile choice for many players. Shuttles often come in various aesthetic designs, allowing you to pick a ship that matches your style.

Fighter – Perfect For Battle

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

For those inclined towards combat, fighter ships are the ideal choice. These vessels are designed with powerful weaponry and agility in mind. With their sleek and aggressive appearance, fighters excel at taking on hostile forces in space battles and defending your interests in the cosmos.

Explorer – For Long-Distance Travel

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Explorers are built for the intrepid adventurer. These ships boast the longest warp range, enabling you to leapfrog through the stars and explore distant galaxies efficiently. Explorers also tend to have ample inventory space for resource gathering and scientific research.

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Hauler – Maximum Storage

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

If trading and resource collection are your primary interests, haulers are the way to go. These massive, rugged space vessels can carry vast quantities of cargo, making them perfect for trading goods and accumulating resources. Their heavy armor also means they can withstand more damage in a firefight.

Exotic – Unique Collectibles

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Exotic ships are the unicorns of No Man's Sky, characterized by their rare and unique designs. While they often have limited inventory space, exotic ships boast unparalleled aesthetics and sometimes even special features. Their intriguing appearance and extraordinary technology make them a prized possession for collectors.

Living Ship – Eerie Flex

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Living ships are a recent addition to the game, offering a completely different experience. These biomechanical vessels are grown, not built, and have a unique, organic appearance. They feature a blend of technology and biology, and their abilities, such as improved stealth, are intriguingly distinct from other ship types.

Solar Ships – Powered by the Sun

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Solar ships, a relatively recent addition to No Man's Sky, harness the power of the sun to propel themselves. They are highly sustainable and eco-friendly, making them the choice for those who appreciate green technology. These often have unique features like improved solar collection and reduced fuel consumption.

Salvaged Sentinel Ships – Fancy Fighters

Finding All 8 Categories of Ships - No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Salvaged Sentinel ships are a rare find in the game. These space vessels have been repurposed from defeated Sentinel forces, and they often have a menacing and intimidating appearance. Salvaged Sentinel ships may come with built-in weaponry and shields, making them an excellent choice for players looking to engage in frequent combat.

Methods of Acquiring Ships

Let's now go through the methods through which we can get these ships and where to find them.

Purchase Ships

The most straightforward way to acquire a new ship is by purchasing one. You can find ships for sale at space stations and trading posts on planets. To buy a ship, approach the pilot, initiate a conversation, and make an offer. The price of a ship varies based on its class, design, and inventory size. If you have the units and the ship suits your needs, you can make a deal.


Trading ships is a viable method for acquiring new vessels. When you encounter ships at a space station or trading post, you can offer to exchange your current ship for the one you desire. Keep in mind that this often requires an additional investment, as you may need to pay the difference in value between the two ships.

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Salvaging Wrecks

A more economical approach to ship acquisition is to search for crashed ships on the surface of planets. These damaged vessels can be repaired and claimed, allowing you to expand your fleet without spending a single unit. Salvaging wrecks, however, requires resources and time to restore the ship to full functionality.

Encounters and Rewards

In your travels, you may encounter random events or alien lifeforms that offer you the opportunity to acquire a ship. These events can be serendipitous moments that allow you to claim a vessel without any upfront cost. Be prepared to engage in activities or quests that might lead to ship rewards.

Special Events

Hello Games, the developer of No Man's Sky, periodically introduces special in-game events that provide unique ships as rewards. These events are often thematic and come with their own set of challenges or tasks. Completing these events can lead to exclusive ship designs that are not available through regular gameplay.

Nexus and Anomaly

The Nexus and the Space Anomaly are multiplayer hubs in the game. Here, you can meet other players and participate in various missions, quests, and activities. Sometimes, these interactions can lead to ship acquisition. Meeting fellow travelers and exploring the multiplayer aspect of No Man's Sky can be a rewarding way to acquire new space vessels.

Upgrading and Trading Up

As you progress in the game, you can upgrade your ship by purchasing better technology and augmentations. Alternatively, you can opt to trade up by selling your current ship and using the proceeds to buy a more advanced vessel. This method allows you to gradually improve your ship collection.

Portal Activation

Portals in No Man's Sky provide a unique way to access other star systems. Some players have reported finding exotic or rare ships on the other side of portals. Exploring this method may lead to the discovery of a ship that suits your needs or preferences.


No Man's Sky offers a diverse array of ship types, each catering to different playstyles and goals. Whether you seek the thrill of space combat, the wonders of exploration, the profits of interstellar trade, or even the sustainability of solar power, there is a ship to meet your needs. Additionally, the game provides numerous methods to acquire these vessels, from straightforward purchases to unique events and encounters. As you continue your journey through the cosmos, remember that your ship is more than just a means of transportation – it's your ticket to the boundless wonders of the No Man's Sky universe.

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