Finding Harmonic Brain On Corrupted Planets In No Man’s Sky

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Finding Harmonic Brain On Corrupted Planets In No Man’s Sky

Discover how to obtain and utilize the Harmonic Brain efficiently in No Man's Sky. Additionally, learn how to locate Corrupted Planets and combat the formidable Corrupted Sentinels to gather essential resources

No Man's Sky, the ever-expansive universe that first graced our screens on August 9, 2016, continues to captivate players with its continuous updates. The latest addition, the Interceptor update, unveiled the enigmatic Harmonic Brain, sparking curiosity among players about its acquisition and utilization. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of obtaining and harnessing this unique resource's power within NMS. Whether you are an experienced traveler or a fledgling explorer, this guide has you covered.

How to Get Harmonic Brain in No Man's Sky

The Harmonic Brain, an indispensable resource for starship repair and acquisition, requires some effort to obtain. One method of securing it involves salvaging it from a damaged Sentinel Interceptor ship. Let's break down the process:

Locate a Damaged Sentinel Interceptor Ship

Sentinel Interceptor ships, with their striking orange exteriors, are often encountered in space and planetary atmospheres, especially when you are pursued by in-game authorities. Your initial objective is to find a damaged Sentinel Interceptor ship. Sentinel Interceptors and Corrupted Planets share a close relationship. Achieve a five-star wanted rating in the game, and you may encounter a Sentinel freighter. Defeating this freighter will yield a Dreadnought AI Fragment. Using this fragment on a Corrupted Sentinel planet will lead you to a crashed Sentinel starship.

Alternatively, you can search for Harmonic Camps on these hostile planets. To pinpoint these camps, fly low over the planet's surface or employ an Echo Locator, which can be obtained by defeating Corrupted Sentinels. These camps offer information about the locations of crashed Interceptors. Another avenue is to obtain coordinates from a fellow interloper who has already claimed a crashed Sentinel starship. You can use these coordinates to navigate to the specific location, much like finding any other crashed ship in the game.

Once you have successfully located a damaged Sentinel Interceptor ship using one of these methods, proceed to salvage the Hyaline Brain from the wreckage.

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Salvage and Transform the Hyaline Brain into Harmonic Brain

Within the confines of the damaged Sentinel Interceptor ship, disassemble its components to recover the invaluable Hyaline Brain. This item serves as a crucial component in the creation of the Harmonic Brain. Initiate the transformation process by accessing your inventory menu and selecting the Hyaline Brain. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transformation, resulting in the creation of a this unique resource.

Finding Harmonic Brain On Corrupted Planets In No Man's Sky
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Please note that this method primarily applies to your first starship, often the new Sentinel Interceptor ship. If you successfully repair your initial starship and require additional Hyaline Brains for future repairs, you can engage and defeat enemy Sentinel Interceptors encountered throughout the galaxy. Prepare for formidable battles, as these Sentinels prove to be formidable adversaries.

How to Use the Harmonic Brain in No Man's Sky

The Harmonic Brain, an indispensable resource for starship repair and acquisition in No Man's Sky, can be utilized effectively by following these steps:

Access Your Inventory

Open your inventory menu by pressing the same button used previously to initiate the probing process. This time, focus your attention on the Harmonic Brain icon.

Repair Your Starship

Repairing a starship in NMS necessitates the combination of various resources. To ensure your starship is restored to optimal functionality, you will need the following items including the following listed below:

  • Harmonic Brain (1)
  • Radiant Shard (3)
  • Inverted Mirror (1)

Gather and apply these resources meticulously to repair your starship. Bear in mind that starship repair is an ongoing process, as your vessel may incur damage while traversing diverse galaxies.

Finding Corrupted Planets for Resources

Finding Harmonic Brain On Corrupted Planets In No Man's Sky
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The Harmonic Brain is not the only resource required for starship repairs. Radiant Shards and Inverted Mirrors, essential components, can only be found on Corrupted Planets. Before embarking on your journey to find these sentinel-ridden hostile planets, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the most recent version of No Man's Sky, which incorporates the Interceptor update.

These planets are abundant sources of Corrupted Sentinels, Echo Locators, Radiant Shards, and Atlantideium. Here's how to find them:

Warp To Dissonant Star Systems

Ensure that your starship's warp drive is fueled and ready for interstellar travel and access your galaxy map to initiate the search for Corrupted Planets. These corrupt planets are typically situated within star systems characterized by a “Dissonant” label. While exploring nearby systems, pay close attention to this descriptor. Some systems may bear labels like “Water,” but the key is to identify those clearly marked as “Dissonant systems.” Select the star system labeled as “Dissonant” and initiate a warp to access the planets within that system.

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Scan Planets for Corrupted Sentinels

Within the Dissonant system, scan the planets to identify those inhabited by Corrupted Sentinels. These planets are likely to be marked as “Undiscovered.” Claim the system, and navigate directly to the Corrupted Planet once you locate it.

Combatting Corrupted Sentinels

Your journey to Corrupted Planets to obtain valuable resources such as Radiant Shards and Inverted Mirrors also entails confronting formidable adversaries – Corrupted Sentinels. When confronting them on the hazardous sentinel-ridden, you'll encounter both Corrupted Sentinel Drones and Corrupted Sentinel Quadrupeds.

Corrupted Sentinel Drones: Your initial adversaries, are akin to their counterparts in other systems but possess menacing new abilities, including a deadly flamethrower attack. It's crucial to maintain a safe distance from them to evade their fiery assaults. Keeping mobile is key, making it challenging for them to target you effectively. Focus on eliminating Drones that heal their comrades to reduce incoming damage, and loot Combat Supplies they drop for valuable resources, including projectile ammo, nanites, Atlantideum, and Salvaged Glass. Occasionally, you may find Echo Locators, aiding in the discovery of Harmonic Camps for further exploration.

Corrupted Sentinel Quadrupeds: They are colossal arachnid robots you'll face while exploring Corrupted Planets. They summon swarms of smaller spider bots and launch potent grenade attacks. Staying mobile is crucial to avoid their homing Plasma Launcher mortar strikes and evading their melee lunges, signaled by a drop onto their front legs. Swiftly handle summoned Quadruped Swarms to prevent being overwhelmed. Defeating Corrupted Quadrupeds yields valuable loot, including rare resources like Atlantideum and Crystallized Hearts, which are essential for repairing Sentinel Multi-Tools.

Before confronting these foes on treacherous Corrupted Planets, preparation is key. Strengthen your survival chances by reinforcing your Exosuit's shields and health and optimizing your Multi-Tool weapon for maximum combat effectiveness. Equip hazard protection modules in your Exosuit to endure hostile atmospheres commonly found on sentinel-ridden planets. With these preparations, navigate these hostile planets confidently, amass resources, and confront formidable Corrupted Sentinels, embracing the challenges and rewards of this hazardous terrain.

In Conclusion

No Man's Sky continues to evolve, offering endless exploration and opportunities for intrepid travelers. The Harmonic Brain is a prized asset for starship repair and acquisition, while Corrupted Planets present a unique challenge and the promise of invaluable resources. Equipped with knowledge from this guide, you should have no difficulty navigating the depths of the hostile planets and getting your hands on the resource. With this guide as your companion, embark on your journey with confidence, and unravel the mysteries of the ever-expanding NMS universe!

Finding Harmonic Brain On Corrupted Planets In No Man’s Sky
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