Final Fantasy XIV Wins Golden Joystick Award 2022 for Best Community

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Final Fantasy XIV Wins Golden Joystick Award 2022 for Best Community

The Critically Acclaimed MMORPG manages to put another notch in its belt by winning the Golden Joystick 2022s Award for Best Community.

There is no doubt that Final Fantasy XIV had a huge 2022. Hot off the heels of last year's Endwalker expansion which managed to tie up over 10 years' worth of adventure, there is still no stopping the team of Square Enix's Creative Business Unit III.

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And even against stacked competition like No Man's Sky, Dreams, and Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV managed to pull ahead capturing 31% of the public vote. Final Fantasy XIV also managed to capture this same award at the Game Awards last year. It is also once more nominated for that award at the Game Awards and has also won several awards for Best Ongoing Game throughout the last year.

Director and producer Naoki Yoshida thanked everyone for voting after receiving the award and talked at length about how proud he is to be given that award. Even Gabe Newell, after accepting the award for Best Gaming Hardware for the Steamdeck talked at length about how as a developer, the highest accolade is to build a community you can be proud of.

Yoshida gave a similar speech last year, about how he is incredibly grateful to be in charge of Final Fantasy XIV for the last 12 years and is looking forward to the next 10 years of adventure with his fellow Warriors of Light. It really goes to show how far the title has come after its doomed launch back in 2010. Not only did the game manage a miraculous recovery, but it also stands now as the most popular MMORPG on the market today. It is a game even Final Fantasy creator is now Hironobu Sakaguchi is addicted to.

More adventures in Eorzea still to come

Even after 4 expansions, there's still room for more adventures in Eorzea and the world of Hydaelyn. Even if Endwalker finished what Naoki Yoshida considered to be the first major story act, the last year of patches has proven that even without any major new antagonists or threats there is still much to do. Not only has the game still got years worth of settings, stories, and concepts to explore, every new patch seems to be bigger than the last.

And with the 7.0 Patch that'll come with the next expansion, currently expected to release sometime in early 2024 Final Fantasy XIV will undergo some massive changes as well. Not only will the entire game receive a graphical overhaul to future-proof the title for the next 10 years of content. The most recent patches have also made a considerable effort to remake older content and also added the ability to play through most of it with AI companions.

The team has also vowed to redefine what it means to be an MMORPG one of Final Fantasy XIV's is its world after all. And in more recent years the game has also become a hangout spot for players outside of going on epic adventures. Yoshida and the rest of his team understand that this game and the community have long outgrown the stigma of the MMORPG player. If you play through Final Fantasy XIV today, you'll notice that it's a lot closer to your traditional single-player RPGs than its contemporaries. Which is also one of the major reasons for its success.

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Final Fantasy XIV Wins Golden Joystick Award 2022 for Best Community
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