Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Patch Notes

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Patch Notes

Finally, Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 is upon us, launching on August 23, 2022. Here is everything you can expect for this patch and beyond.

New Quests!

With Buried Memory, you get your usual helping of new quests. First up are several new additions for the main quest scenario that'll follow up on the new adventure we started in the last patch. Now the Warrior of Light or just the adventurer at this point is setting out to explore the secrets of the void. This will eventually lead to the new dungeon The Fell Court of Troia and a new trial that hasn't been revealed yet.

Besides the new main scenario, we'll also get an addition to Tataru's Grand Endeavour questline which started in the previous patch. This time we get to hang out with the Sky Pirates from the Sea of Clouds again. But to progress this part of the quest, you must complete the Heavensward alliance raids The Shadow of Mhach. There'll also be an optional quest called ‘Tales of Newfound Adventure' which will unlock once you complete the 6.2 main quest scenario.

And of course, since this is an even patch, we get to see another chapter for the current Pandaemonium raid questline that'll unlock four new raids and need to be completed to unlock the new Savage raid difficulty.


New Battle Content

As mentioned earlier, with an even patch, we get another raid tier. Abyssos awaits new dangers to brave. To participate, you have to continue the Pandaemonium questline. To initiate them, you simply have to visit Claudien in Labyrinthos if you have completed the previous chapter. Participating in the four new normal difficulty raids will give you a chance to earn new gear on a weekly basis. By completing these fights you can roll on tokens which you can then exchange for new gear at a vendor in Radz-at-Han.

Unlike our usual schedule, the new Savage raid difficulty will not be available at the launch of Patch 6.2. Instead, it will be made available next week on Tuesday, August 30 at 10:00 (GMT) / 20:00 (AEST). With those come also new rewards that can be used to obtain the new best in slot gear. If you want to prepare for the next Savage tier, we have a handy little guide right here. Do also take note that the tome requirements for some gear have been reduced.

The new main scenario quest also includes a brand-new trial, the normal version has to be completed to progress the questline and will then also unlock the Extreme difficulty for that trial. That Extreme trial will reward players with new weapons that'll come in really handy for those of you that want to progress the Savage difficulty or just get ahead in gear progression.

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New Gear

As always, new gear, new me. Patch 6.2 Buried Memory introduces not only the first leap in gear progression since the launch of Endwalker, but it also includes various new gearsets and alternative ways to catch up. The new dungeon will reward players with gear that should allow them to smoothly jump into the new normal raid content. Those new normal raids will also reward tokens that can be used to obtain the new item level 610 gearsets. But that's not all.

Alternatively, you can also craft new gear with the newly added crafting recipes, that'll also start at item level 610 but have the option to be overmelded. Materials for those new recipes can be purchased in Radz-at-Han with the old tomestone currency.

By participating in the new Extreme trial, you'll also be able to earn tokens or have a chance to roll for new weapons. Those weapons will probably start at item level 615 and make your savage progression just a little easier.

A new major patch also means a new tomestone currency, which is capped at 450 per week. You can use it to purchase the new item level 620 gear sets that can be upgraded with materials from the new Savage raids.

The new Savage raids will reward some lucky few with the new item level 630 gear and by completing its final wing you get a chance to earn the new item level 635 weapons. Those will probably end up being mostly best in slot and by participating and clearing weekly.

Main Scenario Adjustments

Continuing the set path of modernizing older parts of the main scenario, two of the A Realm Reborn dungeons have received the duty support function. Those are the level 50 dungeons Snowcloak and The Keeper of the Lake which have to be completed to progress the main quest scenario. In addition to that, three Heavensward dungeons also received a minor overhaul and the duty support function. Those are Sohm Al, The Aery, and The Vault.

The level 50 trial Thornmarch has also been completely overhauled in order to make it more accessible. In the same vein, the trial The Steps of Faith has been removed and will instead be a solo duty from here on out.

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The Island Sanctuary

The Island Sanctuary has been added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 6.2. This is a different type of content that players can access after completing the 6.0 main scenario quest ‘Endwalker'. Here players get to journey to an island somewhere out at sea and can explore it at their own pace. Not only is there much to see, but you'll also be able to turn this island into your little slice of paradise, far away from your adventuring troubles.

Here you can build a little farm, raise livestock, interact with your minions and craft unique wares at your heart's content. Don't worry, this content exists completely separate from everything else in Final Fantasy XIV so there is no leaderboard to compete on and no pressure. But by gathering resources, crafting, and exploring you can earn a separate currency that can then be exchanged for new and exclusive rewards like new glamour items, minions, mounts, and materia.

Miscellaneous Updates

Probably the most important update of this entire patch is that the glamour dresser has doubled in size. Instead of storing 400 items, the glamour dresser can now store up to 800 items instead. It will probably take the average Final Fantasy XIV player around two weeks to fill up and complain about its size yet again.

The portrait and adventurer plate features are leaving beta and will now be fully implemented into Final Fantasy XIV. What does that mean, though? Nothing changes for your adventurer plate beside the addition of some privacy options. All your portraits will however be reset to the default, so you'll have to repose your character's again. Links to gearsets and adventurer plates will however remain.

There have also been some additions to the HUD. One of the more requested features is that cooldown timers can now be portrayed on hotbars in larger numbers. Alternatively, you can keep them small like you used to. There have been some improvements to the UI to make it more friendly toward players with colorblindness.

Besides this, there have been numerous adjustments to the job balance in both PvP and PvE. Many new rewards have been added across the board, and the cap for crafting and gathering scrips has been doubled. If you want an extensive look at all the changes that Patch 6.2 brings, go check out Square Enix's official Patch Notes right here.

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Patch Notes
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