Final Fantasy XIV – How You Can Prepare for Patch 6.2

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Final Fantasy XIV – How You Can Prepare for Patch 6.2

Everything you need to know to be ready when Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory drops on August 23.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory lands on August 23. 2022. And you want to be prepared as best you can in order to make some cash or have the smoothest raiding experience. Here's everything you need to know for a smooth patch-day experience.

With 6.2 now released, check out the full patch notes here.

Patch 6.2 Buried Memory

Endwalkers first big patch since the expansion release launches next week. With this comes the usual, new trials, new dungeons, new gear and heaps more content. Special this time around is however that the Savage Raid is going to be delayed by a week. That does not only mean that the race to world first is going to have some breathing room but that also everyone has a bit more time to prepare.

Not only are there things to take care of to ensure a smooth start to the new patch. There is also an opportunity to make some money or earn some points with your static. So here it is. A comprehensive list of all the stuff you should take care off before the Patch releases and what you can do to prepare for the upcoming raid.

Pre Patch Preparation

There are a number of things you can do before the patch lands. Probably try to make a plan in which order you want to tackle all the new content coming out. Some will jump right into the new raids, other will jump right into the new main quest scenario and others again will probably want to try out the new Island Sanctuary feature. Doing all the new content will probably take up a whole day if you plan to watch all the cutscenes.

Depending on your focus and if you want to participate in the Savage Raids next week, the order of things is adjustable. Just do note that most, if not all of your gear will become obsolete by the time the patch drops and going by the usual standards. The Savage Raids will start at a minimum item level of 610 with the normal raids probably starting around the 580 to 590 range.

So if you're just here for the story of the main scenario which will unlock the new dungeon The Fell Court of Troia and the new Normal/Extreme trial. So if you want to get in with a head start into the new raid tier, you'll probably won't get around doing at least enough of the main story scenario in order to unlock the new trial.


But what can you do before all that? Well, first you should save up some of your money since a new set of crafted gear is gonna release with a patch. It's gonna be quite expansive at least at the start of the week. You should also do your best to stock up on Materia now, before the prices go haywire next week. Even better if you've already stocked up on those great clusters that can be exchanged for the tier IX and X materia.

If you're a crafter and or gatherer, you'd do well to cap all your script currencies. Even if the cap on silver and purple scrips its going to be increased to 4000. Having a head start is always a good thing. Especially with new crafting recipes and gathering items being unlocked by new sets of tomes for each Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land. You can easily cap your scripts by doing deliveries to either NPC's or Rowena's House of Splendours.

And while on the subject of tomes, can't hurt to cap all your weekly tomestones too. While the weekly cap is going to be removed from the current set, they'll be used to buy materials from the vendors that you can then use to craft the new item level 610 gear.


Week 1 and 6.2 Savage Raid Preparation

So its August 23, 2022 and Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory just released without ant problems. And its great, because it didn't set your gaming device on fire. Now what do you do? Especially for the first few weeks you should at least make a checklist of stuff you want to keep up with. But this also comes down to what kind of player you are. If you don't plan to Raid the current Savage tier next week, you can ignore most of this.

But you should at least cap your weekly tomestones and occasionally do the normal raids in order to keep up with gear. But don't worry. The gear you are earning this patch and supplementing in the next one, will easily last you for the next 8 months. And don't forget that we still have the relict weapons to look forward to.

New Gear and Materia

Now lets say you do plan to Raid the first week. First and foremost. Don't rush to buy the new crafted gear. You have have an entire week to obtain it and we guarantee you that prices will skyrocket the first day and then dramatically decrease as the week runs its course. The only thing you'll probably have to worry about is Materia. You'll either try to farm them out by joining hunt trains or doing roulettes at level 90 for clusters. And if you don't plan to be a day one, world first racer. You don't really have to overmeld your gear to the max. It will help, but it won't carry you to learn a fight.

And if you don't know what to meld or care little about the specifics. You usually can't go wrong with Savage Aim and Heavens Eye Materia. But for those interested in this, you can overmeld crafted gear. Instead of the usual two slots, crafted gear can have up to five Materia slotted with only the first one being guaranteed. And if you plan to raid, don't forget to buy enough food, which's prices will also skyrocket for a while. So wait till the end of the week before you do your shopping.

If you plan to make money however, there are many ways to go about this. Especially in the first few days. Don't play the game of selling gear. While it can be a pretty lucrative market, undercutting and pricing will go up and down however they please. Instead try to supply crafting materials instead. Those will probably be bought up instantly and their prices only start dropping once the gil rush slows down. If you do this, make sure to not only sell one kind of material and check all prices before you start exchanging tomestones and scrips for them.

If you're a crafter/gatherer and plan to make some money. I would suggest you put your stock into the new housing items instead. Not only will they sell for pretty good profits. They'll also won't be as contested as the new gear and food. But alternatively, food will probably also sell for good money once the new Savage Tier unlocks and it'll prove to be a good source of income for a while. If you can't craft, just sell Materia. Savage Aim and Heavens Eye Materia are always hot product and if you have any access, why not sell it?

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But If you're taking the raiding seriously, you won't get around getting through the new main scenario to unlock the next extreme trial. While we don't know what it is yet, we can assure you that it'll probably drop a weapon that'll prove very useful in the upcoming Savage Raids. It'll probably start at item level 615 and if you're down for that just grind out the totems or hope for a good roll. You'll only need 10 clears for the weapon if lady luck is not on your side. But if you're running with the same group, chances are astronomically higher that everyone gets their weapon within a few hours once you got the fight down.

So lets talk about making plans for gearing up. Getting ready for the new Savage Raids is gonna require some effort and some Materia. Like mentioned above and if you're on a budget, go for the weapon from the new trial. Unless you plan to overmeld, this is your best shot. If you're on a budget and don't plan to raid when Savage launches you'll still have option.

Cap your tomes in both weeks and go get yourself the item level 620 chest piece. In the first week you can also for for the pants by completing the normal raids. In the second week you go to fill out your head, hand and foot slots. You should be able to get two of them. Now you can just fill up your accessories and the remaining slot with the item level 610 gear and will still end up saving lots of money.

We do however recommend doing Extreme, Normal and Savage content as close to launch as possible. Because in Final Fantasy XIV, doing these encounters blind is some of the most fun you can have in this game. And once everyone has their gear in two months, it'll become routine and no one will want to join any learning parties anymore.

And that's pretty much all we have to say on how you can prepare for the next raid tier in Final Fantasy XIV. Stay hydrated during progression and while enjoying the new content. Personally I will spend the entire week on my new Island and leave the woe's of the Warrior of Light mantle behind me. For more on Final Fantasy XIV and esports news, visit us here at ESTNN

Final Fantasy XIV – How You Can Prepare for Patch 6.2
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