Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 74 Announced

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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 74 Announced

The next Letter from the Producer Live is right around the corner! Here are all the details!

Letter from the Producer LIVE 74

The next Live Letter is right around the corner and the developers of Final Fantasy XIV will yet again show off their latest work and present what the future of the title holds in store for us. This Live Letter will be mainly around the upcoming 6.3 Patch, which should release sometime in mid to late December. But first, all the details!

Time and Date will be Friday, November 11 2022 at 3:00 a.m (PST), 11:00 a.m (GMT), and 7:00 p.m (JST). As always, the stream will be available under the following links: YouTube Live, Niconico Live, and Twitch.

Please note that the presentation will be in Japanese only but all the slides used in the presentation will have English and Japanese text. As always, we will a full summary of the stream as soon as possible. As mentioned before, the stream will mostly be about the upcoming 6.3 Patch, which will include new battle content and various updates.

What to Expect

Thanks to the team at Square Enix, we have a pretty good idea of what Patch 6.3 will look like already. Besides the usual, as in the next chapter to the Main Scenario Quest and a new dungeon, we can also expect the next Ultimate to be included and released a few weeks after the Patch. What the Ultimate will end up being is still up in the air, but going by the current trend releases, we see our first Ultimate based on Stormblood content. And since they tend to start with the raid series first, we can expect the Ultimate to be centered around Omega and cross-dimensional hijinks.

But the team has also started experimenting with storytelling within those fights and if Dragonsong Ultimate is anything to go by, we can expect something rather special. The Omega Raids contain, after all, some of Final Fantasy's most iconic villains and fights, like Kefka and the Ghost Train from Final Fantasy VI, Exdeath from Final Fantasy IV, and Chaos from Final Fantasy I.

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An odd-numbered patch also means we see the next installment of the Alliance Raid series. Another 24-man Raid will continue the Secrets of the Realm storyline, which is centered around the twelve, gods in the world of Final Fantasy XIV that have been clouded in mystery since the release of 1.0. The last time we fought our way through the heavens of Lightning and Fire against those very gods who sook to test our mettle and resolve.

If theories are correct, we are going down the elemental wheel; next up will be the Heavens of Earth and Ice. This means we'll be facing off against the navigator Llymlaen, the wanderer Oschon, the lover Menphina and the fury Halone.

On top of all of that, the rest of the Heavenward main scenario dungeons will be included in the new duty support system, which aims to make most of Final Fantasy XIV content playable for solo players. There will also be further updates to the newly implemented Island Sanctuary, a new trial, an Extreme (possibly included in the MSQ as it seems the trial series fits neatly into that), and another Unreal duty.

There'll also be the first step of the relict weapons that you can start immediately after finishing the current set of Hildibrand Adventures. Unlike previous expansions, refining your relict weapon will go back to being quest based and probably won't include a new instance. There will also, finally, be the next installment of Deep Dungeons, possibly new Criterion Dungeons, and various updates to the combat system.

Since this is the mid-expansion patch, expect it to be massive. But we'll of course keep you up to date with everything Final Fantasy and esports-related here on ESTNN.

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live 74 Announced
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