Final Fantasy XIV – Letter From the Producer Live 72 Announced!

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Final Fantasy XIV – Letter From the Producer Live 72 Announced!

The next Letter From the Producer LIVE has been announced for Final Fantasy XIV. Below you can find all the details!

On August 12, Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida will grace us yet again with a long-winded livestream in the FFXIV Live Letter for the upcoming 6.2 Patch.

Letter from the Producer LIVE 72 will take place on August 12

During the last FFXIV Live Letter, we learned that Patch 6.2 will be called Buried Memory and comes with a whole array of new features. Buried Memory will be the ‘first major' Patch of the current Endwalker expansion and is set to release at the end of August this year. With the Live Letter just announced, it is safe to assume that the patch will probably land on either August 23 or August 30.

If you plan to catch the Live Letter, it'll air Friday, 12 August 2022 at 11:00 (GMT) / 12:00 (BST) / 21:00 (AEST) with the starting time still being subject to change. The presentation will also be held in Japanese only but will include Japanese and English text on the presentations slides as usual. You can catch the event live on YouTube, Twitch and Niconico on Final Fantasy XIV's social channels.

We'll also post a quick and detailed summaries of the Live Stream shortly after in case you miss it. If you want to check out our summary of the previous FFXIV Live Letter here. Which brings us to the contents of this most recent Live Letter. We already know that Patch 6.2 will come with the new raid tier, the first increase of the best in slow average item level and a whole bunch of new content. Including the new Criterion and Variant dungeon, small scale group content that comes in a Normal and a Savage difficulty.

 Naoki Yoshida appears on stream during a Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live

Island Sanctuary Preview Expected

Last time, Naoki Yoshida promised to show off all the new features. Especially the highly anticipated Island Sanctuary which was deemed too buggy the last time to be shown off. The Island Sanctuary promises to be a whole different kind of content, that gives players free reign over an Island somewhere out at sea. The scale of the feature is yet unknown but last time Yoshida mentioned that players would be able to grow their own crops, raise animals and design their Sanctuary however they want.

Of course, we also want to see the new battle content; the new raid tier — the next venture into Pandemonium will come with 4 more encounters in the Normal and Savage difficulty. We're also gonna see a new dungeon as part of the continued Main Story Scenario. A new Trial that will set up another side story quest line that will play out throughout the patches will come in a Normal and an Extreme difficulty. And of course the introduction of the legendary Manderville weapons later in the patch cycle.

So expect at the very least to be shown the new Criterion Dungeons and the Island Sanctuary and I would assume that most of the stream will be focused on those two features. As well as miscellaneous updates to the games balance, new quality of life features and what the future beyond Patch 6.2 looks like.

For more on Final Fantasy XIV, and the next FFXIV Live Letter, visit us here at ESTNN.

Final Fantasy XIV – Letter From the Producer Live 72 Announced!
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