Final Fantasy VI Remaster releases on Steam and Mobile on February 23

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Final Fantasy VI Remaster releases on Steam and Mobile on February 23

An unforgettable journey awaits, again. The Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy VI is set to release on Steam and mobile platforms.

Back in June 2021, Square Enix announced that they would give the first six games of its legendary series facelift. Starting out strong with the first three games releasing just a month later. It has been a journey down memory lane for some, while also being a great insight into what Final Fantasy used to be.

The Last of the Remastered Classics to Return

Square Enix would call these Pixel Remaster’s the definitive versions of those titles, with the visual overhaul overseen by Kazuko Shibuya. Who’s one of the artists behind those now iconic sprites for all six titles. The Remasters also include a rearranged soundtrack, overseen by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. So far, the games have also seen some gameplay adjustments to make them more coherent with each other.

A Final Fantasy for the Ages

The final one, will be Final Fantasy VI, set to be release on February 23 on both Steam and mobile platforms. This iconic title marked the end of Square’s series on Nintendo platforms and also bespoke the end of an era for the series. Follow-Ups like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII would divert harshly from the then established formula. Partially to reach a western audience, since previous titles had failed to capture one. Of course, all of that changed with Final Fantasy VII’s arrival on the PlayStation back in 1997.
But what is it about Final Fantasy VI then? Why is this the title everyone was most excited to see? It’s Final Fantasy VI. I know, that's not much of an answer but it’s something you'll have to experience yourself to fully understand. Especially if you have any kind of love for JRPG’s or Retro Games. There is a reason why this classic from 1994 is still considered by many fans to be one of, if not the greatest game of the series but the JRPG genre.

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Aria di Mezzo Carattere

The Decisive Battle

The tale of Final Fantasy VI revolves around a young woman named Terra, who is the last mage in a world in which magic had died long ago. After she was made a weapon by the evil Empire, she escapes and is rescued by a man called Locke. This soon spirales into an epic adventure for the fate of their world. Final Fantasy VI stands out with a massive cast of well fleshed out characters. And one of the series’ most iconic villains. Kefka.
It is currently unknown if the Pixel Remasters will make their way to other platforms, Square Enix had previously stated they would consider a port with if there was enough interest.

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Final Fantasy VI Remaster releases on Steam and Mobile on February 23
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