Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Coming to Steam December 7

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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Coming to Steam December 7

Final Fantasy 7 fans, Square has an early Christmas gift for you: Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is coming to Steam this week!

Last month, Square revealed that their latest Final Fantasy mobile game, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, has been published to Steam and will be playable soon. We now have a confirmed release date of December 7, the 3-month anniversary since the release of Ever Crisis.

Square released a short video of Final Fantasy 7 Chapter 1, Section 2 of Cloud meeting Aerith. Players can link their data, allowing them to play on Steam and continue playing on their mobile devices.

Set in the Final Fantasy 7 universe, Ever Crisis contains the stories of Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core, and a brand new story centered around the characters Glenn, Matt, and Lucia from the FIRST SOLDIER. The development team has also confirmed that the now-lost media game, Before Crisis, will get a retelling in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

December 7 will be the final day of the Final Fantasy 7 Collaboration Event. The Christmas Event is already live, with Christmas-themed cosmetics for Tifa and Lucia available. Aerith spots a Holiday costume in the Christmas Event story, and her Christmas cosmetics will be available soon.

The main storylines of Ever Crisis haven't received updates in a while, with the most recent Story update being Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy 7, which shows the group escaping Midgar and resting in the Kalm Inn as Cloud recounts the Nibelheim Incident.

Stay tuned for updated guides after the Steam release of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis!

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis Coming to Steam December 7
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