Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is Coming to Steam

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is Coming to Steam

The latest Final Fantasy mobile game, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, is coming to Steam!

Since the game's release on September 7 of this year, one of the notable criticisms of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis has been the game's size. Within a week, Ever Crisis already took up 10 GB. Many fans criticized this as being excessive for a newly-released game, and they asked the developers to consider making a PC client (Which is becoming more common for mobile games).

Fans can look forward to dropping BlueStacks or their LDPLayer accounts because the development team has confirmed that Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis has been published to Steam. There's no confirmed release date yet, but players can already wishlist the Steam version. 

What Kind of Game is Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis?

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is a PVE mobile game that blends classic and modern Final Fantasy combat mechanics. Those familiar with other Applibot mobile games, like Nier Reincarnation, will see the influence and some similarities. 

It has ten playable characters: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Aerith, Zack, Glenn, Lucia, Matt, and young Sephiroth. Story Mode splits between the stories of Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, and The First Soldier. 

While Final Fantasy 7 and Ever Crisis are abridged retellings of those games, The First Soldier is a unique story exclusive to Ever Crisis that takes place 18 years before the start of Final Fantasy 7. It picks up the narrative and main characters of the failed First Soldier Battle Royale title that Square Enix shut down in January of this year. It features Glenn, Matt, Lucia, and a recently introduced young Sephiroth as the lead characters. 

The development team confirmed early on that Ever Crisis would reintroduce the story of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII was a side-scrolling RPG released by Square in 2004 for FOMA mobile and SoftBank Mobile and EZweb in 2007. The game centered on the Turks, Shinra's shadowy organization. 

After shutting down in 2018, Before Crisis became lost media. With Square having only released the game in Japan, many global Final Fantasy fans don't know the game existed. 

Ever Crisis is currently in the middle of its first collaboration, the Final Fantasy 9 collaboration. As is typical of mobile game collaborations, the collaboration cosmetics available aren't coming back anytime soon, so now is the perfect time to join. 

Expect an updated rerolling guide once the Ever Crisis Steam client goes live. 


Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is Coming to Steam
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