Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Updated Reroll Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Updated Reroll Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is finally here! 

Square Enix's latest mobile game centered around the Final Fantasy 7 universe has been out for a few days now, and this game has a lot to take in. 

With so much you'll need to learn and master, you'll want to start on the right foot to give yourself an easier time. And that means rerolling for an as optimal account as possible. 

Square Enix has been sending out blue krystals like there's no tomorrow these past few days for hitting some milestones, and that's made the rerolling process even better. But with more money comes more problems, and the same applies with more krystals. What should you spend them on?

Let's break it down. 

But first, how to reroll.

How to Reroll in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

If you have an account you want to reroll, click on the menu on the top right of the screen, then select the title screen option in the Other section.

Reset Game Data to reroll your account without having to download the game again.

Once at the title screen, open the menu and select Delete Game Data. Do NOT select Clear Cache or delete the game. If you do, you'll need to redownload again, and Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is a big game. 

After hitting this screen, you can start summoning for your optimal account.

After you delete your game data, click start, and the game will ask if you wish to skip the tutorial. Click yes, as the tutorial is quite long, and the game will send you straight to the home screen and free draw Guide Mission objective. 

Once you've finished your free multi, the game will teach you how to enhance a weapon. After that, you'll return to the home screen, get your first login reward, and then have free reign of the game.

And that's it! Rerolling takes no more than two minutes on mobile devices and emulators. I understand not bothering with rerolling in games where it takes, say, 20 or 30 minutes, but trust me: you want to reroll in this game for more reasons than one. But what should you reroll for?

How Many Summons in a Reroll?

Square gave out a lot of pre-registration rewards and have given out even more these past few days.

On Day 1, after doing your free ticket multi, claiming all the welcome and pre-registration reward blue krystals got you to 5850 blue krystals. You'd then have to spend a few minutes doing some of the Guide Mission objectives to get up to 6K krystals so you could do two Featured Banner multis. 


But Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis has been smashing milestones in its first week, with over 4 million downloads and counting and #1 Google Play Free rankings in several countries. As a reward to the community, Square Enix has gifted players an additional 6,9000 blue krystals (And counting). 

So instead of two Featured Banner multis after a couple of minutes of doing Guide Mission objectives, players have access to four Featured Banner multis immediately. 

In total, a full reroll will take you through:

  • Four ticket multis (Including the Guide Mission multi)
  • One free 5-star weapon guaranteed ticket
  • Four Featured Banner multis

That's a lot of pulls. But what should you reroll for?

What to Reroll for in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

With so many weapons in Ever Crisis, how do you know which to pick?

I plan to cover this more in-depth in my Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Beginner Guide but go into the reroll process with three characters in mind. Pick three characters you plan to use as your primary team and focus on building them up before everyone else. 

Everyone loves playing games with their favorite characters, so I won't discourage you from doing that in Ever Crisis, but you still need to be smart about who you pick. For example, Aerith and Matt primarily thrive as healers, so even if you like both, there's no reason to focus on them from the start. 

Here's my suggestion on your three first character prioritizations:

  1. Main DPS
  2. An AOE healer
  3. Secondary DPS/your favorite character

Cloud's Murasame is the number one weapon everyone should be aiming for right now.

Cloud is the best offensive unit currently in the game, especially with his Marasume weapon and Battle Garb. Barret with Heavy Hauser is really nice, too (Especially as a mixed physical and magical attacker). After the recent Summer Event update, Zack can get pretty strong very quickly and will serve well as one of your DPS units. Aerith is the best healer, but Matt isn't too far behind.

How far you want to go down the reroll rabbit hole is entirely up to you. On Day 1, most players rerolled if they didn't get at least one 5-star weapon from their free ticket multi. 

Others rerolled if they didn't get at least two 5-star weapons from their free ticket multis. 

Others rerolled if they didn't get at least 1-2 good 5-star weapons from their free ticket multi. 

With players now having immediate access to more multis, I'd say it's worth it to use up every ticket you have before deciding whether to reroll or not. Even if your first multi sucks, you can turn it around with the other multis. But it's quick and easy, so I can't blame you if you want to min/max. If using an emulator like LDPLayer or Bluestacks, multi-instance makes the reroll process much faster and more efficient. 

Optimal Reroll Scenarios

If you pull Murasame and Fairy Tale, your reroll is a success.

Most players agree that if you get Cloud's Marasume and Aerith's Fairy Tale, you can call it a day and your reroll a success. If you pull Cloud's Marasume and Matt's Prime Number instead of Aerith's Fairy Tale, that's almost as good. 

There are the three best-case reroll scenarios

  1. Marasume and Fairy Tale
  2. Marasume and Prime Number
  3. Primary DPS's best weapon and Fairy Tale/Prime Number

After getting an account you're satisfied with, LINK YOUR ACCOUNT. Otherwise, you might risk losing it forever.

Should you reroll on the Summer Tifa and Red XIII Banner?


The Summer Banner is here, but should you summon on it?
Image Source: @@FFVII_EC_EN Twitter

If you are using Cloud and Marasume as your primary DPS, you might want to summon for Summer Red XIII. His new weapon, the Summer Collar, has a Command Ability that inflicts a Thunder Resist decrease debuff on an enemy. Combining that with Marasume's Thunderstrike is going to be a potent combination. 

I wouldn't recommend summoning on the Summer banner for Summer Tifa, however. Her new weapon and outfit make Tifa a healer. Tifa is one of the better single-target DPS units in the game, so making her a healer isn't really optimal. Her summer weapon at max also has weaker healing than Aerith's Fairy Tale or Matt's Prime Number at base, so there's no point in summoning for it if you want a healer. 

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is just getting started, so expect plenty more guides here at ESTNN!

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Updated Reroll Guide
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