Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis New Year’s Event: Everything You Need to Know

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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis New Year’s Event: Everything You Need to Know

2024 is here and so is Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis' massive New Years Event! Applibot and Square Enix have a lot prepared and there's no better time to start Ever Crisis if you haven't already. Here's what's going down this month.

2024 is here, and so is Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis' massive New Year's Event! Applibot and Square Enix have a lot prepared and a lot for players to be excited about. Here's what's going down this month.

Free 1,000 Blue Krystals Login Event

To celebrate the New Year, the dev team has implemented a special 1-day only login reward of 1,000 Blue Krystals. Log in before reset at 3 PM EST later today to claim this reward. 

New Year Login Bonuses

Log in between December 31 and January 2 to get 3,000 Blue Krystals. Players who log in after January 2 can earn up to 6,000 Blue Krystals. 

New Year's Inbox Gifts

Along with the 1,000 Blue Krystals login reward, Applibot has sent everyone 3,000 Blue Krystals, one 5-star Weapon Guaranteed Draw Ticket, 20 Draw Tickets, and 24 Grindstones. Applibot will distribute these rewards to players who log in to Ever Crisis until January 14 at 5:59 PM EST.

New Year Daily Free x10 Draw

Starting December 31 and going until January 24, players can do a free daily banner multi for 240 free weapon summons. 

Vol.1- Vol.3 Free 5-star Weapon Guaranteed Multis

From December 31 to January 11, there will be three free banners. These banners guarantee at least one 5-star weapon pull each.

Players can get some incredible luck from the Vol.1-Vol.3 Guaranteed 5-Star Weapon Banner. Don't miss out!

I pulled three 5-star weapons on my Vol.1 banner summon today. Don't miss out on the opportunity! Players have until January 11 at 4:59 PM EST to summon on the Vol.1-Vol.3 banners. 

New Year Step-Up Draw

Applibot has introduced a New Year's Step-Up banner. It has four steps, and players can do up to two rotations. 

Only players who spend money can make the most out of this Step-Up banner, but even F2P players get a free multi from it.

The first three steps guarantee at least one or more 4-star weapons, and the fourth step guarantees at least one 5-star weapon. Steps 3 and 4 also have Mythril Ore bonuses of 5 and 10, respectively. 

Most of this banner requires the P2P Red Krystals only, but the first step is free, and every player can do the first multi. 

New Year's Banner for Cloud & Sephiroth

After a long wait, we finally have Fire outfits! This completes the Elemental circle of Ever Crisis.

Cloud and Sephiroth are the stars of the New Year's banner, each coming with a Fire-themed costume, with Cloud's Fire Arcanum and Sephiroth's Fire Mastery gear, respectively. 

Cloud's newest weapon, Skysplitter, is a PHY Fire-type weapon, and Sephiroth'sRadiant Edge is a debuff weapon that can inflict Fire Resist Down and PDEF Down. 

The release of this banner means that every Element in the game now has at least one corresponding costume that buffs it. Maybe now, players can begin to look forward to costume reruns. 

New Year Boost Campaign Events

From December 31 to January 7, there will be five Boost Campaigns. 

Materia Boost Campaign

  • +20% chance to Great Success Rate of Materia Enhancement 
  • +20% to obtained rewards from Synthesis Quests

Weapon Enhancement Boost Campaign

  • +20% to Great Success Rate of Weapon Enhancement
  • +30% to obtained rewards from Weapon Enhancement Quests

Character Growth Boost Campaign

  • +20% to obtained rewards from Training Quests
  • +20% to gained character experience from Training Quests

Premium Boost Campaign

  • +30% to obtained rewards from Weapon Enhancement Quests

Chocobo Expedition Boost Campaign

  • +20% to gained player experience in Weapon Enhancement Quests and Character Growth Quests
  • +20% to Rare Drop Rate in Chocobo Expeditions

New Year Rare Enemy Encounter Event

Golden Cactuars have invaded Ever Crisis! Now is the best time to stock up on Gil!

From December 31 to January 11, all Cactuars will be Golden Cactuars instead of Standard and Metal Cactuars in Enhancement Quests, Summon Quests, and Co-op Content. These Golden Cactuars drop 15,750 Gil upon defeat. 

New Year Rare Enemy Hunt Special

From December 31 to January 12, one of your daily requests will always be a Rare Enemy Hunt Special featuring the elusive Golden Cactuar, allowing players to farm up even more Gil.

New Year Campaign Missions

Payers can complete campaign missions to earn 1,000 Blue Krystals and 100 Draw Tickets. These missions range from simple tasks like enhancing weapons and using stamina to doing multis. 

Mt.Nibel Ranking Event

Beginning January 2, the Mt. Nibel Ranking Event will begin. Ranking Events are challenging but are well worth doing. They have great rewards, including thousands of Blue Krystals, the scarce Mythril Ore, and 5-star Synth Catalysts for materia synthesis. 

The Wily Hunter

It won't be long before Yuffie is playable, but first, players get to challenge her as a boss! The New Year's Event takes place in Wutai, and Yuffie is up to her usual tricks, attempting to rob everyone blind of their materia. Take her down using your best characters and Fire weapons. The New Year's weapons and outfits grant bonuses to Event item drops. 

The New Year's Seasonal Story will have two parts, with the exclusive limited-time reward of part 1 being Aerith's Dawn's Prayers, the first F2P double DEF weapon. Part 2 will have a similar weapon for Glenn. 

The Wily Hunter lasts until January 11. Part 1, Yuffie is sporting her default costume. Part 2, Yuffie is wearing her alternative costume, giving fans a first look at how she will be once she's playable. 

With all the New Year festivities, all the free summons, and the Steam client up and running, there hasn't been a better time to start Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis. Stay tuned for an updated Rerolling Guide and Beginner's Guide!

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis New Year’s Event: Everything You Need to Know
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