Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac Mode Explained

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Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac Mode Explained

Here is everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac Mode.

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the biggest releases of the year. And while it features the franchise's signature chops of fantastic graphical presentation and engaging characters, this time around fans of deep and satisfying combat mechanics don't come too short either.

And for those of you who want to put your skills to the test and compete against other players for placement on the leaderboard, there is Ultimaniac Mode which is exclusive to the game's optional Arcade mode.

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 What is Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac Mode

The Ultimaniac Mode of Final Fantasy 16 is a special mode that can be unlocked whenever you start New Game+ on the Final Fantasy difficulty. While the Final Fantasy difficulty raises the level cap and comes with revamped mechanics, Ultimaniac mode cranks the game's difficulty to 11.

It's accessed via The Arete Stone in the Hideaway and can select the Ultimaniac Difficulty under the Arcade Mode section.

Arcade Mode features the linear levels of Final Fantasy 16 with the option to skip all the cutscenes automatically and collectibles such as treasure chests will also not appear in this mode.

Just like the Final Fantasy difficulty, this mode will mix up all enemy placements, change up miniboss encounters and increase health pools and enemy aggression. And compared to the Final Fantasy mode, however, if you die during a level in Ultimaniac mode you have to start all over.

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This mode is completely optional, just like all of the Arcade Mode, and mostly exists for players who want to get the most out of the new combat system and compete against each other on the scoreboard.

Your high score is also gonna be affected by many different variables. Clear time and damage taken are the more obvious factors, but you'll also gain extra points for not using any potions or tonics.

Combo variety is also gonna be a huge factor, you can't just rely on stringing the same basic combo over and over again. Instead, you'll need to mix things up constantly for a high score, which should encourage you to rethink the way you're using some of the Eikon abilities.

Do keep in mind however that Ultimaniac Mode will also limit your level and the equipment you'll be able to carry into any given stage.

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Tips for Ultimaniac Mode

Be aware that Ultimaniac Mode is a completely different beast, even compared to the Final Fantasy difficulty. One slip-up could get you unlocked and taken out of commission. And with some of these stages stacking up an impressive runtime, you want to pace yourself.

If you're an avid player of Final Fantasy 14, you are probably aware of how CBU3 does its dungeon design. In Final Fantasy 16, you can also pull large groups of enemies from wall to wall if you can handle the heat. And if you use Eikons with a big area of effect abilities, this can cut down your clear time by a lot.

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You will also change your approach to playing the game, most enemies are much more aggressive so you'll either have to play much more defensively and capitalize on opportunities or practice your dodges, parries, and blocks.

Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac

Both Titan's Titanic Block and Shiva's Cold Snap abilities can be invaluable here. But keep in mind that getting the Counter Hits on the Titanic Block ability won't stop  enemies from attacking you.

You also want to load up on Abilities that deal a lot of Stagger and regular damage. Most of this will come down to personal preference but during minibosses and especially regular bosses, you want to be able to dump as many abilities as possible into a short time window.

Generally, you should make use of the Final Fantasy modes accessory feature, which allows you to combine duplicate accessories to enhance their effects. This will let you shorten cooldowns, increase damage output, or even effect range.

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Final Fantasy 16 Ultimaniac Mode Explained
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