Fight4Rare Hosting MK1 Charity Tournament on October 30

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Fight4Rare Hosting MK1 Charity Tournament on October 30

Fight4Rare is continuing the fight against rare diseases with an upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 charity tournament.

Fight4Rare's Kombat October is ending with a bang with an MK1 charity tournament!
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The fight against rare diseases never ends, so after a successful appearance at EVO 2023, Fight4Rare is back with a new campaign. For Kombat October, Fight4Rare has teamed up with various streamers and prominent figures like unCAGEDgamez@PaulyHype, and NotVeraGood to help raise $20k+ for a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital project. 

Raiden Pham suffers from the rare UBA5 disorder. This project would aim to create genetic research materials to accelerate the cure efforts for UBA5 disorder. 

Fight4Rare Kombat4Rare Anniversary Tournament

In partnership with the INTERKONTINENTAL FIGHT KLUB, or IKFK for short, Fight4Rare will hold a Mortal Kombat 1 charity tournament on October 30. It will also mark the 1st anniversary of the Kombat4Rare Day.

The tournament will be part of IKFK NA Mortal Kombat Fall 2023 Week 6, post-patch that nerfed Raiden, Baraka, and Kameo Cyrax, so expect a more diverse and interesting pool of fighters instead of the endless Raiden/Cyrax, Baraka/Cyrax, Johnny/Cyrax combos you may be used to seeing. 

The competition will be for PS5 NA residents. Interested players can sign up here

Exciting Prizes for Players & Viewers

Tournament prizes include a $1000 prize pool for the Top 4 and $25 PlayStation gift cards as bounty rewards. The Top 2 prizes will be a Lenovo Legion 7i Desktop and a Razer Kitsune All-Button Arcade Controller for PS5 and PC. 

Even if you're not competing, there will still be chances to earn exciting rewards, including Fight4Rare mugs, a Dell G15 laptop, an Omen HP Laptop, a Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, and more (Prizes for US Residents only).

The company ten/o is holding an additional giveaway. Follow @fight4rare@raidenscience, and @tenomedia, and retweet the tweet above for a chance to win Hammerhead Hyperspeed earbuds or a Kaira Hyperspeed headset.

The tournament begins at 6 PM PT. Tune in via the Team Spooky Twitch or YouTube channels.

For those wanting to learn more about Fight4Rare, check out their website at If you wish to donate to this year's Kombat October campaign directly, you can do so here

Fight4Rare Hosting MK1 Charity Tournament on October 30
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