Fight4Rare is back and at EVO 2023!

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Fight4Rare is back and at EVO 2023!

Fight4Rare is at EVO 2023 with a new name but the same ultimate goal. 

Raiden Pham was diagnosed with a rare disease called UBA5 deficiency in 2021. Raiden's parents, Tommy and Linda Pham started the Raiden Science Foundation to raise awareness and funds for UBA5 deficiency and other rare diseases. 

As you may have guessed from little Pham's first name, the Mortal Kombat franchise holds special significance in his family. Hence the original name of the campaign: Kombat4Rare. 

Last year, during the month of October, Kombat4Rare held a widely successful campaign to raise awareness and funds for research. Many figures within the fighting game community stepped up and pitched in.

From MaximillianDood and UnCAGEDGamez to iconic figures involved in the Mortal Kombat franchise, like Kerry Ann Hoskins, Tom Choi, Andrew Bowen, Joshua Tsui, Sal DeVita, and John Tobias himself, many took up the fight against rare diseases in a mostly Mortal Kombat-centric campaign. In an ironic twist of fate, sans the Hardy Boyz, the October campaign raised $30,000 during Mortal Kombat's 30th anniversary celebration. 

From Kombat4Rare to Fight4Rare

While it maintains ties to fighting games in general and Mortal Kombat in particular, Kombat4Rare is a fight we can all feel proud to take on. Hence a name change: Fight4Rare. While it maintains ties to fighting games in general and Mortal Kombat in particular, gamers, streamers, content creators, and companies of all stripes are joining the fight. 

While Fight4Rare has held numerous events earlier this year, Fight4Rare officially kicked off its second campaign in late July. Womens Circuits held an Apex Legends Random Royale in support of the Raiden Science Foundation, and Fight4Rare hosted a Street Fighter 6 charity tournament in collaboration with ICFC. It was a successful start to Fight4Rare's second campaign, raising more than $12,000. 

EVO 2023 is the talk of the town this weekend, and you can bet your fighting game fight pad that Fight4Rare wouldn't miss it!

Fight4Rare at EVO 2023

All weekend long, Fight4Rare is on the ground at EVO 2023. It's hosting plenty of giveaways, with companies like Big Bad Toy Store, Alienware, and Diamond Select Toys providing awesome prizes for attendees. Plenty of figures within the space are dropping by throughout the event to show support. 

Roland has created 100 exclusive Raiden Science Foundation BRIDGECAST faceplates to raise awareness. If you want a chance to get one, you need to be at EVO. 

Fight4Rare's Season 2 Summer Fights campaign runs through September 30. Fight4Rare came into EVO 2023 having already raised $50,000 of their $100,000 campaign. With over three weeks left in the campaign, let's hope it goes far beyond expectations. 

Be sure to stop by Fight4Rare's booth at EVO 2023 before EVO ends. You can find them in Artist Alley B67. And stay tuned for more events throughout September for Summer Fights Season 2!

Fight4Rare is back and at EVO 2023!
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