FFXIV World First Race Anabaseios Savage

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FFXIV World First Race Anabaseios Savage

The FFXIV World First Race will start very soon! Here is how you can follow the last World First Race of the Endwalker expansion, everything you need to know, and how you can participate!

Final Fantasy XIV's 6.4 Patch The Dark Throne dropped last week and brought with it the previous Raid Tier of the Endwalker expansion: Anabaseios.

A week after release everyone had a chance to catch up on the MSQ and gear up for the next challenge, the Anabaseios Savage tier. And if P9-P12 normal is anything to go by, this might be the best Savage Tier of the Expansion.

Traditionally, Square Enix tends to pull out all the stops in the last rounds of raids before heading into the dreaded “end of expansion”- a lull that'll have to last us for at least another year.

But don't worry, there is at least the FFXIV World First Race to look forward to. And this time around, hopefully without any controversy.

Pandaemonium Anabaseios1

How to Watch the FFXIV World First Race

As always, the FFXIV World First Race will be hosted by MogTalk under the ever-watchful gaze of Frosty. Do keep in mind that the community organizes this event without any involvement from Square Enix.

The show will start at 2 AM PT/ 5 AM EST / 9 AM UTC/ 6 PM JST over on the MogTalk Twitch channel. And will be shout cast by several prominent members of the community, so expect some antics!

Raiders for Charity

As always, the World First Race of Final Fantasy XIV is a charity event. And all donations and earnings will go towards the ExtraLife4Kids charity organization.

During the last event, the World First Race of The Omega Protocol MogTalk and the community managed to raise an estimated $56,000 USD over the course of a week.

While the Savage race is expected to be much shorter, members of the FFXIV community have some incentives to donate in the form of giveaways.

Those range from new peripherals by the official Sponsor of the event Cosair to handcrafted goodies made by members of the community.

How to Participate

If you and your team want to enter, simply sign in with the form here. You can also just report your kill times for individual fights here.

Do take note that a place on the leaderboard does not require the teams to stream, it is required if you want to be eligible for the prizes that'll go out to the Top 3 teams.

At first, it was considered to force everyone competing to stream, but after long consideration Frosty and his team decided against it, as it would not be fair to put that pressure on players who are not sued to being under the microscope of an audience.

As you may know, the Endwalker World First races had been plagued with controversy. Mostly due to the involvement of third-party tools that gave some of the competing teams an unfair advantage.

This went so far, that back in the summer of last year, director and producer Naoki Yoshida condemned the behavior and announced that the team would no longer shout out world first clears on their social media.

Since then we've been running in circles when it comes to the usage of third-party tools in Final Fantasy XIV. While they are explicitly forbidden by the games ToS, there are many players who deem them a necessity to compete at the highest level.

ffxiv world first race

What to Expect from the World First Race

If you've cleared any of the normal difficulties of the current Anabaseios raids, you'll probably have an idea of what to expect in its Savage versions.

We expect the race to last for at least 20-30 hours depending on how well teams are prepared and if Square Enix didn't fudge the numbers again.

Just like in 6.2 teams had a week to prepare and farm the new Extreme for the ilvl 645 weapons that'll give them some advantage. You can also expect most teams to farm tomestones at the start of the race for the tomestone gear.

Anabaseios The Ninth Circle

First up is the fight against Kokytos which was a fairly straightforward fight in the normal difficulty. It probably won't feature any complex mechanics to figure out but will most likely proceed at a brisk pace to catch players off guard.

Anabaseios The Tenth Circle

The fight against Pandaemonium will be the complete opposite of that. The normal difficulty only seemed to scratch the surface of what dread beast is capable of. The fight will most likely heavily feature its web and tether mechanics.

Anabaseios The Eleventh Circle

The third fight against Themis seems to be much in the vein of the Fatebreaker from 5.4 or E11. Lots of big AOE's in combination with nasty abilities that require full attention. We wouldn't be surprised if it also featured some mechanics from the Seat of Sacrifice encounter.

Anabaseios The Twelfth Circle

Theos or Athena will most likely be a beast of its own. The last encounter of the Savage tier always starts with a door boss which is the beefed-up version of the normal encounter and then some.

We honestly don't know exactly what to expect, but a return of the High Concept mechanic in some shape or form is very likely as well as some shades of the Ultima Weapon.

We'll of course keep you up to date on the most recent Race to World First in Final Fantasy XIV here on ESTNN

FFXIV World First Race Anabaseios Savage
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