FFXIV PLL 79 Summary – Patch 6.5 Release Date and More

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FFXIV PLL 79 Summary – Patch 6.5 Release Date and More

Here is our recap of the FFXIV PLL 79. Learn everything you missed from the most recent Letter from the Producer LIVE like the 6.5 Release Date and what content is to come.

Did you miss the recent Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE from the Tokyo Game Show 2023? Don't worry. We have a recap of the entire stream right here with information on the upcoming FFXIV Patch 6.5 Growing Light which marks the final Patch of Endwalker.

FFXIV PLL 79 Summary

FFXIV 6.5 Trailer

As is tradition, the Live Letter started off with a trailer for the upcoming patch. The trailer showed both events from the upcoming MSQ, the Criterion Dungeon, and the upcoming Alliance Raid.

FFXIV 6.5 Release Date

The last patch of the Endwalker Expansion is scheduled to be released in two parts. Part 1 is planned to be released on October 3, 2023, ahead of the European Fan Fest. The second part of the 6.5 patch is then scheduled to be released in mid-January 2024 sometime after the Japanese Fan Fest.

What's to Come in Patch 6.5

  • New Main Scenario Quest
    • Part 1 (6.5) October 3, 2023
    • Part 2 (6.5) Mid-January, 2024
  • Tataru's Grand Endaevor Continues (Patch 6.55)
  • Enwalker Tribal Alliance Quest (Patch 6.55)
  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventurers (Patch 6.55)
  • Further Mandervile Weapons (Patch 6.55)
  • Splendorous Tools (Patch 6.55)
  • New Dungeon: The Lunar Subterrane
  • New Trial: The Abyssal Fracture & the Abyssal Fracture (Extreme)
  • New Alliance Raid: Myths of the Realm Part 3: Thaleia
  • New Unreal Trail: The Singularity Reactor (Unreal)
  • New Variant & Criterion Dungeon: Aloalo Island (Patch 6.51)
    • With reworks to the reward structure and Savage Difficulty
  • Duty Support for Stormblood
    • Added Duty Support for The Drowned City of Skalla, The Burn, and Ghimlyt Dark
  • Stormblood will also be added to the Free Trail
  • Job Adjustments (PvE/PvP)
  • PvP Updates and the start of Series 5
  • Crystalline Conflict Update
  • Island Sanctuary Updates
  • Fall Guys Collaboration (Patch 6.5)
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • New Custom Deliveries: Margrat
    • New consecutive aetherial reduction function for collectibles
    • New Indicators on Newly Logged Fish
    • Ability to store optional items in the Armory
    • Option to sort teleport destinations by expansion
    • New reward for obtaining all Trail mounts in 6.x
    • Item Level restriction for Alliance Raid Duty Roulette based on level
    • Adjustments to EXP and Allagan Tomestone rewards for Alliance Raids will be adjusted

6.5 Job Adjustments

As previously mentioned, the balance of damage output will be balanced between jobs in each role. Hopefully, this will fix the long-lasting issue of Ranged DPS taking a big penalty to their damage due to their mobility. The potency of certain skills is also to be adjusted, more details will be available on patch day.

The Abyssal Fracture

The Abyssal Fracture

We're going up against Zeromus in the upcoming Abyssal Fracture. This encounter will as always be available in Normal and Extreme Difficulty. According to director and producer Naoki Yoshida, the encounter is in line with the other Trails of Endwalker. With more focus on execution and coordination than puzzle mechanics.

Crystalline Conflict Update

Crystalline Conflict Update

The new map The Red Sands will be released with Patch 6.51 so we'll have to wait a little longer for it. There will also be some adjustments and new settings for the Crystalline Conflict HUD.

Such as a clear indicator of which team is winning as well as the ability to show the enemy team's health on your screen at all times. Effects of some actions will also feature different indicators to show if they're cast by an enemy or ally (also 6.51).

The new map's special feature is the Scorching Heat Wave which will damage players continuously and force them to cool off. Monsters will also occasionally pop up at specific locations to cast their unique abilities. Be it a Sandlion pulling players in or a Cactuar dealing massive damage.

PvP Rewards

PvP Rewards

As part of the new update, there'll also be new PvP rewards for completing the season as well as something to spend your Trophy Crystals on. We've been shown a series of sporty outfits as well as armor which will most likely be the reward for completing the seasons alongside the usual emotes, frames, and more.

Alliance Raid Thaleia

Alliance Raid Thaleia

Thalia is the last leg of the ongoing Myths of the Realm series of Alliance Raids which pits us against the 12 deities of Eorzean faith. We're starting this one off on the rivers of Thaliak, the patron deity of Old Sharlayan. Looks like Thaliak is the first of the remaining 3 gods we're going up against. You can also look forward to encounters with Oschon the Wanderer and Llymlaen the Navigator.

And that sums up our summary of the latest Letter from the Producer Live from Final Fantasy XIV. Check out our summary of the last as well as the patch content of 6.5 here, everything we learned about Dawntrail here, and for more on FFXIV as well as the upcoming Growing Light Patch, stick with us here on ESTNN

FFXIV PLL 79 Summary – Patch 6.5 Release Date and More
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