FFXIV Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event Returns

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FFXIV Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event Returns

You heard right, the FFXIV Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event returns for a limited time. Learn everything you need to know about the Event and what goodies you can snatch during it.

The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is in the final days of its Endwalker Expansion. With Dawntrail expected to be released in the summer, Square Enix's MMO is entering its end-of-expansion slog.

But with the Xbox version entering its beta-testing phase and a few collaboration events on the horizon, there are still reasons to stick around. Be it to compete in the new PvP season, finish up any leftover content such as the Blue Mage quests, or the upcoming collaboration events. Including the Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration coming later this year.

But before that, Square Enix has decided to bring back the popular Final Fantasy XV Collaboration with all its goodies for a limited time.

The FFXIV Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event Returns

Thats right! The FFXIV x FFXV Collaboration Event Returns for the second time since its debut back in 2019. This crossover event brought a long questline to the then recently released Final Fantasy XV which saw Noctis and the gang tackle some of FFXIV's most iconic enemies. While Warriors of Light got to hang out with Noctis and drive around in his car.

It is one of the more expansive events that FFXIV has ever done, featuring a long quest line and a few goodies for players to grab.

The event will only be available from February 28, 2024, to March 13, 2024. To accept the quest you'll have to have at least one character at level 50 and complete the “The Ultimate Weapon” Main Scenario Quest. If you have completed the quest before, you can repeat it by using the Repeat Seasonal Event Function.

These are the quests featured in the event, they can be initiated by talking to Kipih Jakkya in Ul'dah's Steps of Nald next to the Flame Headquarters:

  1. The Man in Black
  2. In the Dark of Night
  3. Messenger of the Winds

Completing the event will net players the Lucian Prince's set which is a glamour based on Noctis' outfit. Additionally, Warriors of Light can earn the Regalia mount which seats up to 4 players, the Lucian Princes' Hairstyle, various orchestrions based on the Soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV, and the Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad Card.

The items listed above are all available in the Gold Saucer for various MGP prices. The Regalia goes for a whopping 200.000 MGP and can only be purchased after completing the questline.

MGP Farming Tips

Since the event will only be around for a few weeks, you should get ahead on farming the MGP necessary in advance. MGP can be earned by competing in the various Minigames available at the Gold Saucer, completing the weekly challenges will earn you a a lot. Competing in the weekly Fashion Report will also earn you up to 80.000 MGP if you reach the maximum rating.

There is also the Mogtome Event going on, which lets you earn Mogtome tokens by completing various challenges. 30 Irregular Tomestone of Genesis I will get you MGP Platinum Card's which are worth 50.000 MGP.

They are earned from participating in duties and completing various activities such as Hunts or Tressure Maps or going on an Ocean Fishing trip and reaching a score of 8.000 or higher.

This isn't the last collaboration either. Earlier this month FFXIV reran its Final Fantasy XI Collaboration Event “The Maiden's Rhapsody”. Later this year we'll also see the debut of the Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration Event which will let players team up with Clive Rosfield and earn rewards.

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FFXIV Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event Returns
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