FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know About Blue Mage

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FFXIV: Everything You Need To Know About Blue Mage

You’ll be casting Self Destruct in New Gridania in no time.

Blue Mages are something of a staple in the Final Fantasy franchise. So of course, Square Enix wasn’t going to leave the Job out of their critically acclaimed MMO.

Unlike the other Jobs in FFXIV, BLU exists just for fun. While you can take them into some content, that isn’t really what they were designed for. What’s known as a “Limited Job” BLUs can’t use the Duty Finder to be automatched for roulettes. Instead they need to make a party manually using Party Finder and travel to the duty’s entrance. BLU also can’t engage with the PvP system, Deep Dungeons or special areas like Eureka and the Bozjan Southern Front. In fact, you can’t even use them to progress the Main Story Quest.

So, why even bother unlocking BLU?

To break the game of course!

BLU have the potential to learn up to 104 different spells, all stolen fair and square from mobs in the game. That means their kit has everything from instant-death and damage dealing spells, to heals, stuns and interrupts. That means they can fit into almost any role in older content. You can even grab a full party of BLU and dive into the older Raids for a truly explosive time!

But they’re not a Job for the solo player. In fact, levelling BLU is something of a group effort. Most of the fun comes from the challenge of diving into older content and experiencing it with friends in a new way.

While they’re not the Job for everybody, the BLUs level cap was just raised to 70 in patch 5.5, up from 60 in previous patches. Which means now is a great time to check out everything they have to offer!

Top BLU Leveling Guides

So, You Wanna Be A Blue Mage In FFXIV: A Beginners Guide

Richard Eisenbeis from Biggest in Japan has an awesome and detailed BLU leveling guide which is current since the level cap was raised. It takes you through each step from unlocking the initial quest, to the best order for learning BLU’s spells.

Blue Mage Spells Learning Guide

The consolegameswiki website is a great repository for plenty of FFXIV information. Although as it’s run by volunteers, so it doesn’t always have the most up to date information available. That said, they’ve got an easy-to-read table with all the available BLU spells and where you’ll find them.

Blue Academy

The YouTube channel, Blue Academy, is a veritable treasure trove of video guides which cover everything from the basics to raid guides. If you’re serious about playing BLU in content, this channel has all your bases covered.

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