FFXIV 6.5 Part 1 Live Letter Announced

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FFXIV 6.5 Part 1 Live Letter Announced

Wake up, Part 1 of the FFXIV 6.5 Live Letter has just been announced, here are all the details and then some!

With Endwalker approaching a steady end of its patch cycle and a new expansion on the horizon, Final Fantasy XIV's future still looks bright. The team at Square Enix's Creative Business Unit III has just shipped the newest Installment of the franchise, Final Fantasy XVI but they're not done yet.

As part of the Fan Fest 2023, which will also feature the announcement of the highly anticipated 7.0 expansion to FFXIV we'll also get the first part of the Patch 6.5 Live Letter.

FFXIV 6.5 Part 1 Live Letter Times and How to Watch

As always, you can catch the stream live on the official YouTube channel and Twitch. The stream will be available in English and Japanese with live interpretations on stage in Las Vegas.

The stream will take place on Saturday, 29 July 2023 at 10:00 AM PDT | 12:00 AM EST | 05:00 PM GMT | 06:00 PM BST | Sunday 3:00 (AEST). All these times are still subject to change so keep an eye out on official social media channels and the Loadstone.

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What to Expect from Live Letter 78

In terms of content, you can expect the newest Live Letter to be all about Final Fantasy XIV's 6.5 Patch. The day before, director and producer Naoki Yoshida and his team will announce and hold a keynote on the upcoming 7.0 expansion. So this patch will be the missing link between now and then.

We know very little of what to expect from 6.5 aside from the general outline we got all the way back in January of 2022.

But we do know for certain that Patch 6.5 will be split up into two parts, in terms of MSQ and content. A new MSQ, a new Trial, and so on are part of the course. It will also feature the last leg of the extensive content overhaul the team has been doing to the dungeons up until the Stormblood expansion.

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Planned is also the third (and final?) Criterion/Variant Dungeon, the second one Mount Rokkon isn't even released as of writing. The team will also, most likely introduce more content to the Island Sanctuary and potentially a new map for PvP.

Everything else is still up in the air, but since 6.5 is usually the end of the expansion patch and the Raid Tier is already wrapped with patch 6.4. This one will be considerably smaller in size, but with this year being the 10th anniversary of A Realm Reborn's launch there might still be one or the other surprise on the horizon.

We'll have a detailed summary of the Live Letter and everything Fan Fest here on ESTNN.

FFXIV 6.5 Part 1 Live Letter Announced
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