FFXIV 6.45 Release Date and Content Announced!

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FFXIV 6.45 Release Date and Content Announced!

Just in time for Fan Fest, we finally have the FFXIV 6.45 Release Date and know what content to expect! Here is everything you need to know!

Wake up! We got the FFXIV 6.45 Release Date and it's right around the corner. With Fan Fest revealing not only the newest expansion, which is scheduled to launch next year, and featuring the first part of the 6.5 Live Letter, we've been missing the last bit of the content of Patch 6.4 which was released in May.

FFXIV 6.45 Release Date: July 18, 2023

Who would've guessed that a Final Fantasy XIV patch is due on a Thursday? And the X.X5 Patch is coming two months after the main bulk of the patch landed?

FFXIV's 6.4 Patch releases on Thursday, July 18, and brings the content still missing from “The Dark Throne”. Servers are expected to go down for Maintenance on July 17 from 21:00 to 03:00 (PST) / 23:00 to 05:00 (EST) / July 18 from 04:00 to 10:00 (GMT) / 05:00 to 11:00 (BST) / 14:00 to 20:00 (AEST).

These times are still subject to change. Due to the release of the Variant and Criterion Dungeons, maintenance won't end before the scheduled time. Make sure to follow official FFXIV social media accounts or check out the games Loadstone for additional information and eventual changes.

You can also preload the patch a couple of hours before servers go back live. Make also sure to complete your weekly tasks due to the reset.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.45 Content

This is a “minor” patch so don't expect the full goodness you've come to expect from even-numbered patches.

Variant/Criterion Dungeon: Mount Rokkon

FFXIV 6.45 Release Date

One of the first and probably most important bits of content added with this patch is the second Criterion/Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon. Please note that you don't have to complete the previous Criterion/Variant Dungeon to unlock it. You just have to talk with Osmon in Old Sharlayan to unlock the initialization quest.

The Variant Dungeon will feature different paths for you to choose from, and just like last time there are a few rewards and a possible, secret pathway tied to it.

The Criterion Dungeon on the other hand will come in Normal and Savage difficulty and will test your abilities in a small party. Clearing the content on Savage Difficulty will also reward you with an exclusive mount. Normal clears on the other hand will reward you with extra currency and goodies.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures & Next Relict Step

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We'll also see the next set of quests in the “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures” questline. For this, you simply have to be caught up with the current set of quests. These quests are also necessary to unlock the next step in upgrading the Relict Weapons.

For the upgrade to your Relict Weapons, you're just required to farm the current uncapped Tomestone currency to buy the material to upgrade your weapon of choice. There are no changes here, but it is an easy way to get some of the best weapons currently in the game.

Blue Mage Update

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BLU Wave Season 4, we've waited for a long time for this but finally, the Blue Mages got their chance to shine yet again! With Patch 6.45 we're finally seeing an increase to the Blue Mage level cap up to level 80 (It's a limited job that can't queue into regular content the normal way). This means we have access to Shadowbringers content now.

Relive your nightmares of trying to clear Light Rampant with the added benefit of learning the skill. As always a Blue Mage update comes with new spells to learn, new equipment and titles to unlock, and a new mount for clearing the Shadowbringers Savage Raids with a full Blue Mage party. There'll also be new challenges will be made available in the Masked Carnival in Ul'dah.

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FFXIV 6.45 Release Date and Content Announced!
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