FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes – New Relicts, Dungeons and BLU

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FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes – New Relicts, Dungeons and BLU

Here are the FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes. Everything you need to know and how to unlock all the new quests.

Just ahead of Fan Fest and the reveal of the next Expansion, Square Enix blesses us with the second half of the 6.4 “The Dark Throne” Patch. While this patch doesn't include any new MSQ or major updates to the balance of Final Fantasy XIV, there is still a lot to look forward to.

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes

New Relict Weapons, the highly anticipated raising of the Blue Mage level cap, and more. Here is everything from the new 6.45 Patch.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes

Another Mid-Patch Patch, another chapter in the adventures of Eorzeas favorite detective. This time there are two quests tied to this set of sidequests. Beginning with “By Agents Unknown” which can be initiated in Radz-at-Han near the Aetheryte Plaza by talking to Delion. Please note that you need to be up to date with the questline, which means you'll need to have completed the sidequest “Generational Bonding”.

New Manderville Weapons

We also get the next step of the Manderville Weapons, Endwalkers version of the Relict Weapons. Just like last time the progress of these weapons is tied to your progression of the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures.

To unlock the next step, you need to be all caught up on the Manderville Weapons questline as well as the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures. To initiate the quest “A Spirited Reforging” by talking to Gerolt in Radz-at-Han. You need to have completed the quests “Well-oiled” and “Not from Around Here” to unlock it.

Just like last time, you will be able to simply buy the materials needed to upgrade your Relict Weapon for 1.500 Tomestones of Causality.

New Splendorous Tools

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes

The next step of the Splendorous Tools will also be made available with the 6.45. Just like the previous step, you'll need to complete and catch up with the current set of quests at the Crystarium. Afterward, you can craft collectibles to earn White Gatherer/Crafter Scripts to upgrade your Splendorous Tools for all your Crafters and Gatherers.

You can start the first quest “The Joy of Zoi” in the Crystarium by talking to Grendolt, for this, you need to have completed the quest “An Adaptive Tool”. Just like last time you'll probably get a new Splendorous Tools on the Crafter/Gatherer you've accepted the quest with.

 New Variant Dungeon/Criterion Dungeon

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes

The second Variant/Criterion Dungeon will also be introduced with this 6.45 Patch. It's called Mount Rokkon and takes us back to Kugane to hang out with everyone's favorite sleazy merchant, Hancock.

To accept it you don't need to unlock the previously introduced Variant/Criterion Dungeon but you must have completed the Main Quest “Endwalker” and talked to Osmon in Old Sharlayan at least once. Now you just need to accept the quest “Mononoke Aware” by talking to Shallow Moor in Old Sharlayan.

After following the quest, you'll unlock the content for the V&C Dungeon Finder. Here you can queue into Mount Rokkon solo, with an unmatched party with up to 4 players or a matched Light Party.

Once you've completed Mount Rokkon at least once, you'll unlock the ability to enter its Criterion Dungeon version. Here you need to meet regular Duty Finder requirements and operate under a new set of rules. This version of Mount Rokkon comes in Normal and Savage difficulty and offers a bunch of special rewards.

Blue Mage: Shadowbringers Edition

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes

Finally, the Blue Mage level cap will be raised to level 80, which means you'll be able to do Shadowbringers content with everyone's favorite Meme Job. Besides the leveling process, you can expect the usual shenanigans, new spells, new achievements, new quests, and new gear.

The new set of quests begins with “And the Crowd Goes Mild” which can be started by talking to Martyn in Ul'dah's Steps of Thal after completing the Main Quest “Reflections in Crystal” (5.3) and the Blue Mage Job Quest “A Future in Blue”. To progress this questline you'll need to level your Blue Mage and learn certain spells.

This will also introduce new challenges to the Masked Carnival which you can also find in the Steps of Thal, but unlocking those is dependent on your quest progress.

For all of you out there grinding for spells, keep in mind that spells are best learned with a full party of Blue Mages while synched to the recommended level of a given duty. And you also get special rewards for completing the complete Eden Raid Tier's Savage Difficulty with a Full Party of Blue Mages.


While there haven't been any changes to the battle system in terms of balance, there are a bunch of new items that have been added to Final Fantasy XIV. You can find the full list here. New emotes, hairstyles, minions, mounts, outfits, and so on. Most of them are tied to the new content introduced with 6.45.

Part of the patch are also new furniture items that have been selected from the design contest from back in 2019. Other ones are themed after new Mount Rokkon content. You can check them out here.

And that sums up everything you need to know about the new Final Fantasy XIV patch. We'll have some guides for Mount Rokkon and a list of all the new Blue Mage spells on here very soon here on ESTNN

FFXIV 6.45 Patch Notes – New Relicts, Dungeons and BLU
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