FFXIV 6.4 – How to make lots of Money

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FFXIV 6.4 – How to make lots of Money

The new FFXIV 6.4 patch is out and you smell the chance to make some quick Gil. Just make sure to leave your morals at the door for this one.

The new Final Fantasy XIV patch is out and we're just one week short of the next Savage tier. And you know exactly what that means: This is the big Gil rush. Now it is time to bust out those crafters and farm tomes till there is no tomorrow.

But don't just fall for the common traps of the free Eorzean economy. Here we'll tell you all about making Gil easy and how best to avoid the race to the bottom that is competing with crafted gear.

The Raid Prep Gear Market of FFXIV 6.4

A new patch and a Savage tier right around the corner make everyone's eyes light up with dollar signs.

And you don't need to grind scripts to unlock the new recipes either if you already possess the Master Recipes (10) for your respective crafter of choice. Great right?

If you're planning to get in on all the gear-making, you better start soon. Depending on your server the cost of individual pieces will drop really fast, but there is a way to get ahead of this and or avoid it completely.

Offer to craft to order via Partyfinder is a very common way to sell raid gear these days. You circumvent having to adjust your prices every few minutes, but you also won't waste any precious materials.

You'll still need to procure the materials, which will eat into your profits but at least it is guaranteed money. Especially in the early days when prices of materials tend to fluctuate.

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Sell Your Tomestones if you don't have the means to craft or are simply too lazy. Another great way to earn Gil is selling your Tomestones, usually also via Partyfinder.

You can't exactly sell your Tomestones but you can sell the materials you can buy with them at the vendor in Radz-at-Han. And usually, there'll be at least someone who's buying them on the Partyfinder.

Allagan Tomestones of Causality is easily obtained by just completing your roulettes with a max-level job. And you can just grind them out by spamming the latest dungeon or running the Crystalline Conflict over and over.

Supply the Supplier In the early goings of the patch economy, crafting materials are a hot commodity. Use your tomestones for materials and or craft high-quality ingredients for the market board.

In a rush crafters who are trying to go all in, will happily pay way more gear to feed the unstable gear market. Instead of playing their game, play them.

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Materia Market

A general rule of thumb, Heavens' Eye Materia X and Savage Aim Materia X will always sell for a decent price. If you still have a couple of Cracked Antholoclusters left over, just spend them here.

If you're just running your roulettes, you're highly encouraged to sip a Spiritbound potion to farm Materia instead. Just avoid trying to sell any IX Materia, no one actually uses it.

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Tinctures and Food

Gear is one thing, but what about the copious amounts of performance-enhancing fluids and foods that'll be used in the upcoming raids? Someone needs to supply that!

While there isn't the most money here, it is the most consistent income for the long run. Especially if you can find a niche on your server.

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If you want to be really scummy, stock up on current Tinctures and Food and only start selling them once the Savage Raids go live.

You can often see players just dump their entire stock on the market and sooner or later crash its value, so try to drip-feed your wares into the market instead.

Everything you've crafted, hopefully without spending any money on it is a long-term investment and not a quick ponzi scheme.

As for what Tinctures and Food you need to craft, you'll need to head on over to other sources such as the Balance XIV to find out what Food and or Tincture suits which jobs.

Just know that among the DPS' the Samurais, Monks, Dragoons, Black Mages, and Bards tend to go all out when it comes to pumping numbers.

ffxiv 6.4 island sanctuary

Outdoor Furnishing for the Island Sanctuary

Here is a bit of a curveball, while everyone will undoubtedly be occupied trying to craft gear and making fat dosh. Most people have probably forgotten that there is more to FFXIV than raiding.

With patch 6.4 Square Enix also introduced an expansion to the popular Island Sanctuary and more important the ability to place outdoor furnishing within your sanctuary.

While this won't be extremely popular, furnishings tend to be low effort when it comes to crafting them. Just make sure you make things people actually want like a terrace, the swing, various trees, or maybe even a pool.

And despite being relatively easy to craft, most people will just by them off the market board. Even for almost absurd prices.

This sums up most of the ways you can make money in the new FFXIV 6.4 Patch. Check out our highlights of the new patch here on ESTNN

FFXIV 6.4 – How to make lots of Money
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