FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance Guide

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FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, there is the possibility of having a relationship with one of the characters in your party. However, you will have to do certain things in order to have a chance of getting to chapters 8 and 12 and having a date with them. One of the characters you can romance is Tifa. In this FF7 Rebirth Tifa romance guide, we will tell you everything you need to know and all the steps you need to take to get on a date with her.

FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance Guide

In our general guide on how romance works in FF7 Rebirth, we explained to you that there are four essential things to pay attention to and which serve to increase your bond with the characters: main missions, secondary missions, dialogue choices, and Synergy skills and abilities. In this article, we will tell you step-by-step everything you need to do.

Main Missions

One of the first things to pay attention to are some missions that you will have to complete during your adventure in FF7 Rebirth. In fact, in some cases, there will be things that will increase your bond with a certain character.

Chapter 4

At the Inauguration Parade in FF7 Rebirth, you need to score better than the other team in all three formations. Doing this will also make Aerith like you more.

Chapter 6

When you pick what Cloud wears, it has to be the same as what Tifa wears, what Aerith wears, or what they both wear. For example, if Cloud wears the swimsuit, then Tifa and Aerith should also wear swimsuits. If Cloud wears the casual outfit, then Tifa and/or Aerith should wear the same.

Just before starting the big fight in Costa del Sol, you will need to decide which group to go with. One group includes Tifa and Red XIII, and the other includes Aerith and Barret. Each group has its own strengths and abilities, so think carefully about who you want to team up with before you jump into battle. However, if you want to romance Tifa, you need to choose the team with her in it.

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Chapter 12

In the Loveless play, you need to do really well to make your relationship status better. If you're hanging out with Tifa in Chapter 8 and you're closer to her than Aerith, Tifa will play the role of Rosa in the Loveless play.

If you're really close with Tifa before Chapter 12, she will stick with you the whole chapter and even go on the Skywheel Date with you. But if your bond with her isn't very strong, or it's less than halfway (shown by a light blue emoji), then you will see the regular cutscene. However, if your bond is stronger than halfway or shown by a light blue emoji, you will see a more intimate scene instead.

FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance

Side Missions

Side missions are also important in order to increase the bond with the characters in FF7 Rebirth. For this reason, you will have to pay attention to which ones you decide to face and how you decide to complete them in order to increase your bond with Tifa and be able to get the more intimate cutscene at the end of FF7 Rebirth.

Grasslands Region

  • A Rare Card Lost
  • Calling All Frogs
  • Dreaming of Blue Skies

Corel Region

  • Gold Cup or Bust
  • Bodybuilders in a Bind

Nibelheim Region

  • My White-Haired Angel

FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance

Dialogue Choices

Another important aspect to take into consideration in order to maximize a bond with a character are the dialogue choices you will make during your adventure in FF7 Rebirth. In fact, some of them will be very important in order to increase the bond with a certain character.

Each dialogue choice has a number of stars assigned, which can vary from 1 to 3. Obviously, those with the number 3 will be the best ones in order to increase the bond with the character the most. However, during your first run, you will not be able to see which answer has the most stars. For this reason, here is a list of all the dialogue choices.

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Chapter 2

  • “This tank remind you of anything?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “The place I made that promise to you.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “The water tower in Nibelheim.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Any other mako tank.”

Chapter 4

  • “Do you remember a guy named Emilio?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Only person from the village I remember is you.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “The general store kid?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “No. Sorry.”

Chapter 6

  • “Feels like it's been ages since Seventh Heaven.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Lot's happened since then.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Wanna go back?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Hasn't been that long.”

Chapter 9

  • “What sorta thing would you go for?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Gonna go with pot roast.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Pilaf, I guess.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Soup's good.”

Chapter 10

  • “Did I sound as awkward as I felt?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “You did good.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “I felt for you.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “You just gotta laugh it off.”

Chapter 11

  • “It was taking a toll… Then you turned up.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Have I helped you get through it at all?”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Like it was fate.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “I never knew that.”

FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Finally, the last thing to consider are the Synergy skills and abilities that characters can use in FF7 Rebirth. In fact, the game is equipped with a game mechanic that ensures that the moves performed by a particular character serve to increase the bond between them.

Synergy Skills

  • Slip and Slide: Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cait Sith
  • Soaring Flurry: Cloud and Red XIII
  • Heavenly Ascent: Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cait Sith

Synergy Abilities

  • Relentless Rush: Cloud
  • Synchro Cyclone: Cloud
FF7 Rebirth Tifa Romance Guide
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