FF7 Rebirth – Best Synergy Abilities

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FF7 Rebirth – Best Synergy Abilities

This article discusses the best synergy abilities in FF7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth just dropped and it has the gaming community very excited! It’s obvious that you would want to dominate the battles of FF7 Rebirth and we are here to make it easier for you! This guide will discuss the best synergy abilities, which are an important part of the combat system in the game.

FF7 Rebirth Best Synergy Abilities

Synergy abilities are like ultimate moves that two characters unleash together and you even get to enjoy a cool cutscene. To perform these abilities, both characters need to build up Synergy Charges by using their regular attacks.

You will need to unlock Synergy Abilities through character folio at either the Folio Vending Machine at a Rest Stop or a Maghnata Books storefront. You can find them easily on the map, as they are marked by a ‘Book’ Icon.

Relentless Rush

This Synergy Ability uses Cloud with Tifa. When you activate it, Cloud will quite literally yeet Tifa onto the enemies and then perform plunging attacks on the enemy himself. It also has an effect on staggered enemies where the staggering time duration will last longer and attack power is boosted.

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This synergy not only deals good damage and staggers enemies, but it allows Cloud and Tifa to really zip right in and lets you get up close and personal with your foes.

Maelstrom Strike

For this Synergy Ability, you need Yuffie with Cloud and just witness the chaos! The duo will attack the enemy from everywhere, leaving it dizzy and battered. Not only does it pummel the enemy, but it also increases the limit level of the party. That's the gist of this synergy ability

The cutscene animation you get with this ability is a treat to the eye, making “Maelstrom Strike’ more fun to use!

Hack and Slash

This one is simple yet effective. This synergy ability can be unlocked through Red XIII’s folio, to be used when paired with Yuffie. They will sync up to perform a powerful attack in tandem. Not only does it pack a punch, but it also increases the limit level, like Maelstrom Strike.

Sweet-and-Sour Salvo

You need to unlock this in Aerith's Folio, to perform it with Barret. It’s not just a highly entertaining synergy, but one that’s highly strategic as well, as it allows the characters to attack from a safe distance. They will unleash devastating attacks while striking an intimidating pose!

This synergy also increases the stagger time on your enemies. It's a win-win for both strategy and fun!

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This one can be found in Cait Sith’s folio and you will need Barret to execute it. In this one, both of them start spinning like a “Merry-Go-Round” to cause absolute mayhem (hence the name, which we are absolutely loving!). Their attacks are ranged and cover a very wide area.

This ability is just brilliant for AoE damage or crowd control, you may not even see any enemy left in sight after Cait Sith and Barret are done! Not to forget, this also increases the limit level.

United Refocus

See, this particular ability is not the most memorable one but it is one of the best in the sense that any two characters can perform it! So you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping particular members in your party, making it an easy Synergy Ability to perform.

This ability grants a temporary boost to your ATB gauge, giving you that extra edge in battle. So while not the flashiest and most powerful, it can make a difference in nail-biting combat situations.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available on PS5 and we are bringing more guides to make you an unstoppable hero in your journey through Midgar! Check out the FF7 Rebirth Healing Guide, Best Weapons for Each Character, and All Bosses in the Game. Keep an eye on ESTNN!

FF7 Rebirth – Best Synergy Abilities
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