FF7 Rebirth Healing Guide – 3 Ways to Heal and Restore Life

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FF7 Rebirth Healing Guide – 3 Ways to Heal and Restore Life

How does FF7 Rebirth healing work? The game has a few systems which you’ll need to master depending on your difficulty.

One key part of getting through any of the tough fights you’ll find in Final Fantasy 7 is health management. The FF7 Rebirth healing system isn’t too complicated. Get it wrong and you’ll be at a real disadvantage though.

In any encounter with enemies, you’re likely going to lose a bit of health over the course of the interaction. You won’t always be hit perfect, plus you’ve got the FF7 status effects to manage.

Healing in the base level of the game can be pretty simple. You’ll still need the right FF7 Materia though.

In more difficult modes of the game, it can be even harder. Healing with be essentially a move you have limited access to, that you’ll need to properly ration. What are your options for FF7 Rebirth healing? This is how it all works.

How To Heal in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Like most JRPGs, there is more than one way you can heal. The FF7 Rebirth healing system gives options depending on what situation you’re in.

There are a few types that work well in battle. Then there are others that can be a reset for your FF7 party members outside of fights. These are the different types of FF7 Rebirth healing.

FF7 Healing Items in Battle

FF7 Rebirth Healing

One of the main ways to heal your party mid-way through a battle are consumable items. Just like in the original FF7, you’ll amass items along your travel.

A few of these items can do things like revive party members in FF7. Others can just directly heal your party though. Restorative consumables are here like potions too.

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If you’re using them in Battle, you can do it from your command menu. This will mean you’ll need to use an ATB charge. If you’re using items to prep for an encounter though, it’s easier.

Outside of combat, all you need to do is hold down L1 and find the right item. Then you’ll be healed.

This method for FF7 Rebirth healing does use a limited supply of items. However, you have other options if you’re running low in the middle of a tough boss fight. There are enough bosses in FF7 where you’ll eventually need to use both.


In Battle, you have a separate option for healing. Materia moves can recharge your heals, at the cost of MP and your ATB charge. To do this access them from your command menu.

Just like with items, you can use these spells outside of combat too. You’ll need to use your L1 menu just like consuming an item.

FF7 Rebirth Healing Materia Options

The Materia that heals is largely in four levels. There’s the base which is Cure, that restores some HP.

The second is the same but restores more HP. The third level restores 10 instantly, then gradually restores after that. The final level will restore a lot more.

Cloud has one available from the start of the game. It’s a Materia you’ll likely be making heavy use of.

FF7 Rebirth Best Weapons
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The final (and best) option for FF7 Rebirth healing is to use areas where you can rest. Just like in the original game, resting for the night at an Inn will mean your party is entirely healed.

It isn’t just inns that will get you rested up though. Benches and rest points work too. There are also Chocobo Stops. This is the FF7 map fast travel system which will heal you provided you have a cushion.

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When To Use Which FF7 Rebirth Healing Method

FF7 Rebirth Healing

Those are the three main methods of healing in-game! What option is best for which situation though? There’s a fairly simple system.

Resting is the best method. It won’t consume MP or an item, which you could need more of later. However, this is only really available at scripted rest points. That or you have to go out of your way to backtrack to one.

This can be irritating, so as a rule, you should make use of them whenever they present themselves. Walking past one might mean blowing through your items and MP later.

In battle, knowing which method to use is simply a matter of resource management. Which do you need to conserve right now, items or mana? If you can spare the MP then using a spell is simpler.

This will mean you still have your items for an emergency where your healing spells are unavailable. If a character is downed in battle, they still receive XP too, so just limping to the finish isn’t a disaster.

Hard Mode FF7 Rebirth Healing Differences

Hard mode makes a few changes to the game’s healing. For a start, items aren’t available in combat.

This definitely changes healing. MP is also much harder to come by, so you’ll need to think before you use your healing Materia too.

Another factor is that Benches will only revive your HP. This means that MP will run lower. In general, FF7 Rebirth Hard Mode healing is more about budgeting your health between healing spots.

Both sides of the game have some challenges when it comes to FF7 Rebirth healing. Once you get the hang of balancing items, spells, and resting though, it’s a fun aspect of gameplay.

FF7 Rebirth Healing Guide – 3 Ways to Heal and Restore Life
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