FF7 Rebirth All Stats and Status Effects Explained

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FF7 Rebirth All Stats and Status Effects Explained

As in any self-respecting JRPG, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth also has statistics and status effects to take into account. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about FF7 Rebirth all stats and status effects, so that you are prepared and that the game does not have any kind of secret for you regarding this aspect.

FF7 Rebirth All Stats Explained

In FF7 Rebirth, there are 15 different stats to refer to while we are playing the game. For those who are expert players of this type of game and in particular of the latest Final Fantasy games, they won't see anything new, but it's worth spending a few words on each of the statistics to give even those who are novices greater knowledge.

  • Attack: Finds out how much harm is done by regular weapons like swords and guns
  • Magic Attack: Changes how much harm is caused by magic spells and special powers.
  • Defense: Decides how much harm you'll get from physical hits.
  • Magic Defense: Changes how much harm you take from magic hits.
  • Strength: This is another stat that can impact your Attack strength. The higher it is, the more physical harm you cause.
  • Magic: Like Strength, but this determines how much magic harm you can cause.
  • Vitality: This is another secondary stat, but it influences how much physical harm you'll receive.
  • Spirit: Similar to Vitality, but this affects your Magic Defense.
  • Luck: A stat that decides how frequently you can score Critical Hits and steal from foes.
  • Speed: Decides the speed at which your ATB Gauge fills up.
  • Critical Hit Rate: Changes how likely you are to make a Critical Hit.
  • Critical Hit Damage: This stat can make your Critical Hits deal extra damage.
  • ATB Charge Bonus: Another stat that can make your ATB Gauge fill up faster when you do normal attacks and other actions.
  • Initial Limit Level: The initial Limit Break Level of a character.
  • Max Limit Level: The maximum Limit Break Level of a character.
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FF7 Rebirth All Stats and Status Effects

All FF7 Rebirth Status Effects Explained

Another factor to take into consideration when you are playing FF7 Rebirth are status effects. They are divided into two different categories: Beneficial and Detrimental. Let's see together in detail what it is.


  • Bravery: Buffs your Attack power, allowing you to deal more physical damage.
  • Faith: Similar to Bravery, this Status Effect increases the damage of your magic attacks.
  • Protect: Temporarily boosts your Defense stat.
  • Shell: This Status Effect buffs your Magic Defense stat.
  • Barrier: Similar to Protect, it can reduce the amount of physical damage you will receive.
  • Manaward: Reduces your magic damage for a set period of time.
  • Shield: An improved kind of Barrier, as it has the ability to negate any physical harm.
  • Reflect: One more strong enhancement. Magical strikes may be reflected back to the caster of this status effect.
  • Haste: Boosts your Speed, which increases your ATB Gauge rate.
  • Resist: Lowers the likelihood that you will experience Detrimental Status Effects.
  • Regen: Gradually restores your HP.
  • Auto-life: Throughout a conflict, automatically brings a downed character back to life. This should be cast prior to taking on a strong boss.

FF7 Rebirth All Stats and Status Effects


  • Poison: Gradually reduces your HP.
  • Silence: Prevents your character from using magic.
  • Sleep: Your character gets put to sleep and cannot act.
  • Slow: Lowers both your ATB Gauge rate and your Speed stat.
  • Stop: This is a time magic that stops your character from moving.
  • Stun: Like Stop, this Status Effect causes vertigo, impairing your character's ability to move.
  • Toad: Your character gets turned into a toad.
  • Debrave: This Status Effect reduces your Attack Power stat.
  • Defaith: It has a Detrimental Effect on your Magic Power, just like Debrave.
  • Petrify: Your character slowly turns to stone.
  • Berserk: This Status Effect amplifies the harm you inflict and take. If you are skilled at dodging, it might be helpful.
  • Fury: Your ATB Gauge rate rises as a result, but your damage threshold increases.
  • Sedate: The opposite of Fury is this one. Your ATB Gauge rate is slower, but you take less damage overall.
FF7 Rebirth All Stats and Status Effects Explained
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