All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations

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All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations

Here are all FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations. Learn what places made it into the Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has just been released and it is another stellar entry to the Final Fantasy franchise. Once again you'll be able to step into the shoes of everyone's favorite SOLIDER Cloud Strife and venture all across Gaia to stop Sephiroth from making his dreams of a Reunion a reality.

But Rebirth is playing things a little differently. It is a lot more than just a remake of the PlayStation One classic, it is a full-on reimagining of what Final Fantasy 7 is. That includes a completely new take on its world. There are 7 explorable regions that players get to explore in Rebirth. Here is a short list of all of them as well as what you can expect.

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All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations

Grasslands Region

The Grassland Region is the big area around Midgar which also leads to the Mythril Caves. If you have played the original the region will be familiar to you largely due to the town of Kalm and the Chocobo Ranch where Cloud and co learn how to get past the marsh on their way to Junon.

Junon Region

Next is the Jeunon Region, the area around the city of the same name. The area also includes a small but considerate part of the city of Jeunon that players get to explore. This is also where you find the Sister Ray canon and the military parade.

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Corel Region

The Corel Region describes the area around Costa Del Sol all the way to North Corel where the illustrious Gold Saucer towers above a desert prison. Players might be familiar with the zone from the original title and are looking forward to exploring Berret's home and driving that sand buggy again.

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Gongaga Region

Me? Gongaga. The Gongaga region is a jungle to the south, set between Corel and Cosmo Canyon. Compared to the original, players get to explore this region which was only a small village before, and learn more about the home of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core protagonist Zack Fair.

Cosmo Canyon Region

The Cosmo Canyon is another iconic region that was reimagined for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This time players get to explore it in all its glory including the observatory as well as a chance to learn more about Nanaki/Red XIII's past.

Nibel Region

The Nibel Region most prominently features Niblehiem and Mount Nibel, the Ground Zero for most of the events in Final Fantasy 7's canon. Here you'll find the home of Cloud and Tifa as well as the mysterious Shinra Manor which hides all manners of secrets.

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Meridian Ocean Region

The Meridian Ocean Region is the sea between the Western and Eastern continents. In the original, it only serves as a place to travel through, but it has been expanded into a fully explorable region with treasure lurking around every corner. But you'll have to wait until the 3rd part of the Remake project to explore what lies below the waves.

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Open World Content

There is of course a lot to do while exploring the open world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Aside from Sidequests which can be picked up in any of the hubs, there are also a bunch of other activities.

Chocobo Stops serve as both resting and fast travel points which let you travel between the regions as long as you have unlocked them. There are also Remnawave Towers which allow you to uncover points of interest on the map.

Combat Assignments are special combat encounters that ask Cloud and his party to fulfill specific conditions in a fight against enemies. Such as landing certain magic attacks or making use of the new synergy attacks.

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There are Cache's which are hidden treasures that can include anything from supplies to weapons, pieces of equipment, and even new materia.

And last, there are the Protorelics which are part of special quests where players research and find Phenomenon Intel which will lead to special encounters, sidequests, mini-games, and even hidden boss encounters.

And that is all we have on the Regions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. For more on Square Enix's newest title, make sure to keep an eye on our features tab as we have more content coming your way over the next few days.

All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations
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