FF7 Rebirth Romance Options Explained

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FF7 Rebirth Romance Options Explained

FF7 Rebirth gives you the chance to build relationships with some of the characters with whom you will share your adventure. If you have played the original game, you will already know how it works; in fact, in this remake, the mechanics have remained unchanged. This means that, although there are several FF7 Rebirth romance options, the character you prefer during your adventure will be the one with whom you will witness the Gold Saucer Date Night cutscenes in chapters 8 and 12 of the game.

FF7 Rebirth Romance Options Listed

In FF7 Rebirth, you will have the opportunity to create a connection with different characters. Except for Cait Sith, you will be able to witness the cutscenes we mentioned previously with any of the main party members, which means that you can have a relationship with:

  • Tifa
  • Aerith
  • Barret
  • Red XIII
  • Yuffie

Any other character not on this list, such as Cid, cannot be romanced. Furthermore, another important thing to know about Gold Saucer Date Night cutscenes is that they can be both standard and more intimate. You can choose which one to witness. In addition, once you have completed the story, you can select chapters 8 and 12 to choose another character and the type of cutscene you want to witness. This way, you can get another chance to see a date cutscene with the character you like the most!

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ff7 rebirth romance

How Does Romance Work in FF7 Rebirth?

Making friends with your teammates is different now compared to the original game. The “Bonds of Friendship” feature mainly affects who wakes you up and goes with you on the first date at the Gold Saucer in Chapter 8, as well as the Gold Saucer Skywheel date in Chapter 12. So, you're doing all of this to get a date with your favorite character in the game.

Each teammate has emoji icons showing their relationship with Cloud. The emojis start as gray faces and can go up to a sky-blue smiling face. They have 5 small rings around them, each with a number showing their level of friendship. For example, a purple emoji has only 1 ring filled, while a light green one has 2 rings filled, and so on. So, your mission is to get the highest ranking on a specific character to get a date with them.

Another important thing to note is that the friendship level doesn't go down, even if you choose less favorable options. You can check their status by pressing the L1 button while exploring the world and when not in combat. This is how you can grow your relationships:

  • Main Missions
  • Side Missions
  • Dialogue Choices
  • Synergy Skills and Abilities

ff7 rebirth romance

Main Missions

Each character has their own special story missions. Completing these missions can change how close you are to them. So, if you want to become better friends with someone on your team, you might need to help them out on their special adventures. We will point out which main missions we are referring to in specific articles dedicated to a certain character.

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Side Missions

Side quests in FF7 Rebirth involve your friends. Doing their side quests will make them like you more, and you will also get rewards for finishing the quests. To get the most points, you need to finish the side quest with a star rating.

Dialogue Choices

Your friendships will mostly be influenced by the things you say to your teammates during the chapters. When you talk to them, your choices are rated with stars. Each choice can get 1 star, 2 stars, or 3 stars. But you won't see how many stars your choices got until you finish the main story and play the chapter again.

Synergy Skills and Abilities

When you and your partners pull off new teamwork moves for the first time, it can also make your friendships stronger. So, trying out and succeeding with new synergy skills together can help you get closer to each other in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Romance Options Explained
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