FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance Guide

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FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, you get to go on a date with one of your team members. But you have to complete certain tasks to form a specific bond with them. Barret is one of the characters you can go on a romantic date with. This guide will tell you everything you need to do to have a date with Barret in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance Guide

In our guide about romance in FF7 Rebirth, we said there are four important things to make friends with the characters: main missions, side missions, what you say in conversations during the game, and how well you work together using Synergy skills and abilities. Now, we will give you a step-by-step guide on what to do.

Main Missions

One important thing to remember is to complete specific tasks while playing FF7 Rebirth main missions. These tasks can sometimes make your bond with a particular character stronger.

Chapter 6

Just before starting the big boss fight in Costa del Sol, you will have to decide between two groups: one with Aerith and Barret, and the other with Tifa and Red XIII. This decision can affect how the battle goes, so choose wisely based on who you think will help you the most. However, if you want that your bond with Barret becomes stronger, you need to choose the team with Barret in it.

Chapter 7

You need to pick the way Barret prefers. Also, try to smash lots of boxes in the Minecart game just like Barret. When you're running away from the Turks and Shinra in Chapter 7, you will play as Barret. Shoot as many enemies as you can and try not to get hurt too much.

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Chapter 12

Finish the mini-game, whether you decide to fight Barret or not, as long as you finish it. If you have a good connection with Barret before Chapter 12, he will join you all through the Chapter and you can go on a Skywheel Date with him. If your bond is 50 percent or less, or you don't have the light blue emoji with him, you will see the normal scene. But if your bond is more than 50 percent or you have the light blue emoji, you will get to see the Intimate scene instead.

FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance

Side Missions

Doing side missions is really important for getting closer to the characters in FF7 Rebirth. You have to choose the right ones and do them well to make your bond stronger with Barret. This way, you will get to see a sweeter scene at the end of FF7 Rebirth.

Grasslands Region

  • Lifeline in Peril
  • Hustle and Grind

Junon Region

  • When Words Won't Do

Corel Region

  • Missing Mr. Birdie

Gongaga Region

  • The Pursuit of Perfection
  • Escape from Endless Writer's Block

Nibel Region

  • Lament of the Damned

FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance

Dialogue Choices

Another important thing to consider when bonding with a character in FF7 Rebirth is the words you pick while playing. Some words can make your bond stronger with a particular character.

Each word choice is given a star from 1 to 3. Naturally, those with 3 stars are the best for building a stronger bond with the character. But on your first run, you won't see which answer gets the most stars. So, here's a list of all the word choices to help you out.

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Chapter 2

  • “Not gonna have a drop till Seventh Heaven's back up and running.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “First one's on me.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “First one'll taste good.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “No time soon, then.”

Chapter 4

  • “What do you think Yuffie wants with us?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “You Autograph.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “To join Avalanche.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Those Shinra bounties.”

Chapter 6

  • “I couldn't do a damn thing for those poor bastards.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “You tried. That's all that matters.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “This is on Hojo.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Can't save everyone.”

Chapter 9

  • “Wonder what kind stuff we'd end up growing here.”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Mushrooms.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Onions.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Black milly? Red shelly?”

Chapter 10

  • “So what- we sit here and ‘theorize'?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “No, we fight.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “Whadda you wanna do?”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Maybe you'll learn something.”

Chapter 11

  • “We gotta do something, right?”
    • Best Choice (3 stars): “Hell yeah you're right. Screw them.”
    • Good Choice (2 stars): “I wanna know why they put the robes here.”
    • Worst Choice (1 star): “Not much we can do.”

FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance

Synergy Skills and Abilities

Lastly, remember the Synergy skills and abilities characters have in FF7 Rebirth. The game makes sure that the things characters do together help make their bond stronger.

Synergy Skills

  • Mad Dash: Cloud, Red XIII, and Tifa
  • Iron Defense: Everybody
  • Friendly Fire: Tifa, Aerith, and Cait Sith

Synergy Abilities

  • Partners in Pain: Cloud
  • United Refocus: Cloud
FF7 Rebirth Barret Romance Guide
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