FF14 Crafting Leveling Guide From 1 to 90

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FF14 Crafting Leveling Guide From 1 to 90

Finally, looking to level your FF14 crafting but don't know where to start? Don't worry we got you covered in this handy guide!

So you've finally decided to give crafting in FF14 a try. And it's very daunting. Crafting in Final Fantasy 14 is almost as complex as your combat rotations, luckily all the crafters have the same skills.

That doesn't mean you'll get around having to level each and every one of them painfully.

Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, and Culinarian. All of them go from level 1 to 90. Good luck, have fun and I hope you're rich.

Level Gatherers First

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but there is a certain logic behind it. Namely being able to provide for your own crafting materials will make your life easier.

And your gil purse will be grateful for it.

The least you can do, if you haven't already is level them alongside your crafters. As you'll probably notice really soon, FF14's crafting and gathering are extremely dependent on each other. This leads to the next point.

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Level All Crafters At the Same Time

That doesn't mean you're supposed to level them all equally level for level, but having all your crafters in a similar level range has its benefits.

The way it currently works, most crafters are dependent on each other. Almost every single one needs and uses materials only other crafters can make. Besides Culinarians, they exist in their own bubble.

So try to keep them within thoroughly the same level range, this will also be a mercy on your inventory for equipment.

How you want to go about it is up to you. But we recommend the following intervals:

  • Level 1 – 20
  • Level 20 – 30
  • Level 30 – 50
  • Level 50 – 60
  • Level 60 – 70
  • Level 70 – 80
  • Level 80 – 90

And if you're following this guide, this should go over in a breeze!

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Don't Sleep on Engineering Manuals

When you're leveling your crafters, Engineering Manuals will be your best friend. The company-issued, commercial, and revised ones will give you a limited but very heavy 150% experience boost to all crafting.

While they generally have a hard experience cap, they are still well worth getting.

You can get Commercial/Revised Engineering Manuals from the House of Splendor's vendors in exchange for white crafters' scripts. They are also quest rewards for completing the level 50 and 60 crafters quests.

Alternatively, you can buy the Company-Issued Engineering Manuals from your Grand Company vendor.

These only go up to level 50 and will be halved by anything over it, but they'll be the only ones you have access to when your crafters are under level 50.

And keep in mind that these will also stack with any Free Company buffs you have available.

Do Quests, But Be Careful

This is FF14 we're talking about, so every crafter comes with their very own questline. Those get increasingly more difficult, especially when you don't have the gear to make the required items.

FFXIV - Yoshida Responds to Dawntrail Benchmark Troubles

Trust me, all the 50-60 crafting quests suck. Universally.

But you're in luck! Because you can buy pretty much all the items you need to craft. Some of them might require a material being slotted into them, but this should generally be inexpensive.

Once again, especially in the later Heavensward crafting quests, just buy the things you need to craft. It is no use losing your sanity over it. Especially as some of the requirements are outrageous.

The reasons we do quests are simple, not only do they reward gear but also new skills. And you need to complete all of them to get all the skills and traits of your character. Later crafting will be impossible without them.

Later on quests become easier. The Stormblood quests even provide all the material you need and the newer ones in Shadowbringers and Endwalker are similar to the Rolequests in structure and a breeze to get through.

These don't reward new skills or gear, but scripts and massive amounts of experience points.

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Gearing Crafters in FF14

Keeping your crafters geared through the leveling process will be a nightmare for the most part. But don't worry it gets easier once you reach the level 50 benchmark.

Try using the rewards you get from doing quests or what you can from vendors. It is not worth spending lots of gil on gear that will be obsolete within an hour. Especially the early hours will fly by really fast.

Once you hit level 50, you can buy gear for scripts. For this, you just have to unlock collectibles in Mor Dhona to gain access to the House of Splendors and their deliveries.

Once you earn scrips, you can purchase level 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 scrip gear. Which will last you till you hit the next milestone.

Collectibles and Deliveries

There are many, many types of deliveries in Final Fantasy 14. So we'll try to keep this as compact as possible.

You can make collectibles (which have their own crafting recipes) for the House of Splendors. While they offer some nice rewards in terms of scripts.

They are probably the slowest way of leveling at least until you hit the 80 to 90 rate.

Then there are the Grand Company Supply Missions. They reward massive amounts of EXP if you hand in high-quality items (double to be precise). You can only do these once a day but they are a quick way to get massive experience points.

From level 60 onwards, you'll also have access to the Custom Deliveries which can be unlocked via a questline in Mor Dhona. They are extremely good for both experience points and scripts.

So keep an eye out for those! Even if you can only hand in stuff once a week.

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Ishgard Restoration

Once you have your crafters around the level 20 range, you can choose to set up camp in Ishgard. Here you can spend the rest of your life, crafting away like all the other poor souls.

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This is by far the most efficient way to level your crafters but it also comes with its own risks. Mostly your sanity and being extremely reliant on the market board and or gatherers.

So it is highly recommended to level your gatherers here to save money and time.

The Ishgard Restoration can be unlocked with a quest after completing the Final Fantasy 14 3.3 Dragonsong main scenario questline.

If you're willing to spend cash or spend the time, this will take you maybe a few hours to get a crafter from level 20 to 80. And not like back in the day when this took ages.

Leve Quests

It used to be that Levekits were a thing, where you could pay a shady person millions of gil and you'd spend the next day just handing in items and leveling your classes for free. Now you can't really do it anymore.

But Leve Quests are still a great way to gain experience points in the 80 to 90 range. Simply rock up to the Leveme in Sharlayan and accept the trade quests for your crafter of choice.

Don't forget that high-quality hand-ins pay out double in experience points and you can spam these until your route of Leve allowances. They also pay good amounts of Gil for relatively easy crafts.

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Tribe Quests

In theory, doing these quests in Final Fantasy 14 is a really good idea, it is just that due to their limited nature and less-than-optimal experience point payout. They are not recommended for the lower levels.

And with lower levels, we mean everything below the 80 mark. The crafting ones are still worth doing for the quest alone though. So here is a quick list of the ones available:

  • Ixal Tribe Quests Level 1 – 50 (Unlocked by a short quest chain)
  • Moogle Tribe Quests Level 51 – 60 (Unlocked after doing an insane amount of sidequests. Go look it up)
  • Namazu Tribe Quests Level 61 – 70 (Also requires a bunch of sidequests. But is probably the best tribe questline they've ever done)
  • Dwarf Tribe Quests Level 71 – 80 (Requires a short quest chain to unlock. But you get to build a tank.)
  • Loporrit Tribe Quests Level 81 – 90 (Unlocks after a short line of quests. EXP payout is pretty decent in the 81 – 90 range.)

In closing

This should cover most if not all the ways you can level your crafters in Final Fantasy 14.

The journey may be long and painful but once you reach level 90 you only have to worry about your gear and messing up material melds.

But with the Ishgard Restoration existing, leveling crafters is painless and relatively fast.

There was a time long, long ago when it took days to level just one crafter. Now you can get all of them done in a week. Now go out there and be somebody. But please don't undercut me on the market board.

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FF14 Crafting Leveling Guide From 1 to 90
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